WeWay will launch their own Find-to-Earn game “Mad Backpacks”🎒👾

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The last post about STEPN is a joke, everyone is well aware that STEPN does not have any foundation, but now we will consider a really worthwhile project from WeWay with a serious foundation.

Find-to-Earn game Mad Backpacks

Users will be able to buy NFT backpacks and collect #WWY tokens around the world😱🔥🔥

In order to access the game, participants will need to purchase an NFT backpack, each of which will have a different design, color, attributes and abilities: for example, some backpacks will have increased capacity and other in-game bonuses 🚀

⚡️How will it work?

Imagine the STEPN or Pokemon Go apps (which many of you are already familiar with), but instead of sneakers or a Pokeball, you will have an NFT backpack and you can walk around and look for #WWY coins scattered in your cities and around the world🌍, and then, in a few clicks, withdraw to the exchange and exchange for real money or use for other products within the WeWay ecosystem 💸

That’s why partnerships with Top Celebrities and Influencers are being made so actively now 😏🌟 To bring this game to the mass audience and make it the 2nd Pokemon Go and 2nd STEPN, only with the coolest AR graphics, and support from Hundreds of millions of audiences around the world stars of WeWay partners🔝

By the way, they plan to finish the game by the end of this month🔥🔥🔥

⚡️And now the main question: how will all this affect the price of the token?

We think everything is clear here already) To buy such a backpack and start playing, you will naturally need to hold #WWY tokens )) Accordingly, new people will come in and buy tokens at a higher and higher price, and it will grow, and those who entered at the very beginning, they will earn the most (that is, we🤑). By the way, the GMT token once also cost less than <$0.1😉 And with the scale that the team aims for, #WWY will fly no less🚀

Yes, the price has already grown a little, but within the framework of the global plans of the project and its potential, this is still a very low entry point. Listings / announcements are all local movements, globally you need to look at the products and the foundation of the project, and WeWay has not yet disclosed it even by 5%.

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