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Wax is a convenient platform serving more than 400 million players from around the world. World Asset Exchange, gives access to anyone who wants to use a trading platform and extensive functions. At the same time, you do not need to spend a significant part of the funds for processing payments, safety and use of infrastructure.

The goals of the developers

The founders of the OPSKINS cryptocurrency have developed a trading platform where it is comfortable to sell and buy virtual items, regardless of the location and existing distances. Here, any user can create a personal market with digital assets in the virtual world.
Today, OPSKins can be called a digital technology market that takes first place all over the world. Annual transactions are more than 100 million. Wax or Worldwide Asset Exchange is designed to expand the market that is $ 50 billion.

Wax cryptocurrency - altcoin for gamers

Opportunities for users

Why does the platform attract gamers and pushes them to use cryptocurrency? Everything is simple – amenities and opportunities:
Exchange of virtual goods. Using a simple exchange widget, everyone will be able to enter the world market. You can create huge deliveries of various virtual goods without the risk of loss of finances arising from a conventional trading model.
Creation and management of their own platform representing goods. Now anyone can turn into a powerful trader by selling virtual assets. To do this, it is not necessary to be an entrepreneur.
Blockchain WAX – accessible to every warehouse of objects of the world of virtuality. In present, a complete catalog of goods put on sale is provided. Users appreciate the advantages of using blockchain technology.
As a rule, exchange occurs virtual objects, video games. However, the platform makes it possible to trade most types of digital assets. Any asset with the possibility of symbolization is able to exist here.

Wax cryptocurrency - altcoin for gamers

Why did WAX create

Using the usual market for trading, conducting a trading exchange of digital objects, there are many problems on the path of consumers. It happens that the parties making a transaction are at a great distance, live in countries at different parts of the Earth. They have the opportunity to use their affordable types of currencies. There is a huge loss of funds that goes to the envelope of the currency, payment and processing. Sometimes the costs are such that they eat income. Transactions that make up the bulk of the goods sold, with a small dollar. Components that are digital – cause the risk of fraud.
A simple example: there is a desire from Australia to purchase a digital product in America. There will be a fee for cross -drawing with a large currency conversion. The transactions located between the stranger sides cause counterparty risks. This is due to the use of cryptocurrency, effective contracts in which the blockchain lies, the problem is eliminated. Thus, any seller of the video game industry and other virtual goods can use a platform with zero effort.


Using OPSKins, a reliable electronic trade is created that allows customers to exchange virtual objects. With any transaction, an automatic calculation process affects all interested parties. Thus, Wax utilities create safe transactions.
To date, there are more than 400 million selling virtual goods of video games, as well as 2 billion gamers using services.
It is important that WAX progresses. Powerellers have already been launched – a novelty in a generation of digital elements. Like Amazon, Alibaba or Ebay.

Wax work model

For further progress and development, a small percentage is retained from transactions. The first use client is the largest virtual product market – OPSKINS.

Features of the cryptocurrency Wax

It has already been mentioned that the creation algorithms are borrowed from OPSKins. There was a successful integration of the currency with a single network. Buyers have opened offers at different sites. Transactions can be made in a simple authentication method. For each user coming, access to trading functionality opens, and he also receives a personal wallet. To participate in the World Warry of Assets, you can use any of the listed types of account:
User – convenient for conventional assets and coins of the World Exchange.
Guild – Selection goes on the DPOS protocol. Brown accounts with the function of network nodes and individual network games.
Transfer Agent-here are the guarantors of transactions of any game and users acting as regulators.
Contract – automatic accounts. Their role is a reasonable contract.
So that user behavior does not cause complaints, there is a rating system. Any actions and final indicators are taken into account here: the number of transactions, votes, disputes, settlements, etc.


The basis of the project is the creation and distribution of computer games and products related to them.
The volume of the project is impressive – $ 50 billion.
The presence of Blockchain is reasonable. With it, the skins of games are traded, the value of tokens is determined.
The ICO project plans: the implementation of tokens in the amount of 35%. Participating sponsors and advisers are transferred 10%. 25% remain in stock, and 30% should be used to develop the project. In the future, the company can change the percentage of.
The project website is visited on average: more than 11 million users OPSKins, WAXTOKEN – in the amount of 4,500, active social networks, paid advertising gives 88% of the total traffic. FORKLOG acts as an information partner. In addition, many serious companies have announced investments in the development of the project. This indicates the success and further growth of Wax.

Of course, there is competition. The most similar structure is OPSKINS. However, Wax exceeds in decentralization, the presence of a functioning skin store and the use of tokens. If we talk about attractiveness for investment, then the growth of tokens here is possible not only in the short period, but also in the long -term.
It should be noted that the regulations of regulation by legislation are very blurry. Therefore, WAX tokens, like the platform, can change in the process of improving regulatory issues.

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