Walton cryptocurrency – good prospects for investors

Incryptico » Walton cryptocurrency — good prospects for investors
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Walton cryptocurrency - good prospects for investors

The Walton project from Chinese developers is a unique business platform with which you can track any physical items. RFID technologies allows you to record about the stage of readiness of one or another thing and its location in the finished form.

Features of the cryptocurrency Walton

The work of this platform is simple. Physical object manufacturers install RFID marks on them. And everyone who is interested in tracking their location does it through the Walton blockchain. Due to the presence of such a mark and automatic recording in the block-chain, all the work is automatically moderate, without the need to scan tags with a manual device.

The approach of Chinese developers in the future will allow you to monitor the supply paths and better submit information about the product. A feature of this cryptocurrency is the complete transparency of data exchange. The platform can be used:

  • Business partners;
  • Suppliers of goods;
  • Competitors.
  • The presence of such a platform allows you to improve the interaction between business entities.

    The developers of this cryptocurrency named their brainchild in honor of the engineer of IBM Charles Walton, who developed RFID technology. The token of this cryptocurrency is the altcoin WTC.

    Features and capabilities of Walton

    Data circuits used when working with this platform are called Waltonchain. The technology of the project is not disclosed. But now we can say that Chinese blockchain specialists managed to create a really important and unique product.

    The main advantages of the Walton project are:

  • Increased safety;
  • The fight against counterfeit and plagiarism;
  • The ability to track the history of any thing;
  • Reducing involvement in human processes.
  • WTC token, used during the operation of this cryptocurrency, today costs more than 31 $. It is used with several goals:

  • Digital currency of the platform;
  • Value calculation method;
  • Unit of value on the Internet of things.
  • The development team of this system is made up of blockchain programmers known in their countries. The main backbone of the team is Chinese and Korean experts. Among them can be highlighted:
    Mo Bing. Doctor of Technical Sciences specializing in IoT (“Internet of things”).
    Sun Yatsen. Professor of the famous Korean Technological University.
    Kim Suuki. Former Vice President Samsung.

    These specialists for three have about 20 patents in the field of blocks, IoT and RFID.

    It is worth noting that the government became interested in the project of the Middle Kingdom and famous Chinese investors. Walton partners on the site indicate the world’s largest logistics company Park Panther.

  • Anonymity: High
  • Mining: No
  • Tokens: WTC
  • The number of coins in circulation for today: 25,000,000 WTC
  • The maximum possible number of coins: 25,000,000 WTC
  • Capitalization for today: $ 844 974 446
  • Cost for today: $ 31.25
  • Site: http: // www.Waltonchain.Org/
  • When starting: June 21, 2017
  • The main exchanges where: Binance, Kucoin, Hitbtc, Coss are represented
  • Practice of using the Walton platform

    The first practical applications of the platform were undertaken by manufacturers of the sewing industry. Each finished thing was supplied with the RFID mark, and automatic scanners recorded data in the chain. At the same time, on each way of following things, their scanners were installed. So it was possible to observe how the product passes the finished product, is immersed in transport, transported by suppliers and accepted by sellers. This system is somewhat reminiscent of the tracking of postal parcels. At the same time, scanning of the marks occurs in automatic mode.

    Walton cryptocurrency - good prospects for investors

    To date, the developers of this platform expand the scope of its application. In the near future, it should be used for:

  • Exchange of various assets;
  • Mortgage and lending systems;
  • Making payments between suppliers and manufacturers.
  • How to get WTC?

    Mining WTC token is impossible technically. Initially, the developers of the platform sold a small number of coins through the project website. Then they conducted a full ICO. By the way, even today you can purchase Walton project coins for the broadcasts on the site of this product. But if you want to support the project or buy WTC altcoins for investment purposes, then the best solution will be to purchase them on the exchange. It is best to do this on Binance.

    The course and prospect of cryptocurrency Walton

    The presence of authoritative developers, the prospects of the platform and interest from the Chinese authorities allowed Walton cryptocurrency to become a fairly popular project in the crypto community. The capitalization of this altcoin is gradually growing. WTC token course has increased many times lately. He confidently moves to the top 30 of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

    The practical benefits of this project in the business environment are not in doubt. The unique features of the platform and methods of interaction allow it to use it to all business entities without exception. It is also worth noting the possibility of this cryptocurrency to occupy other areas. That it is natural to add the cost of the WTC token and increase the capitalization of the platform.

    If we analyze the movement of the WTC token recently, when the market is falling significantly, we can conclude that influential Chinese financial functionaries are really behind its creation. This means that it is not only possible to invest in this altcoin, but also necessary. After all, he can bring a fairly large income. Especially after the developers introduce new functions. Which are described on the project website. For example, they will add support for the “Internet of things” or make partnerships with announcement with manufacturers of various products.

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