Veritaseum cryptocurrency – growth potential and magnet for investors

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Veritaseum cryptocurrency is based on Smart contracts. Through this platform, you can generate and use contracts without outside help – the complete absence of an intermediary or other organizations. 

This financial instrument allows you to buy goods or services on trading floors. You can purchase or sell values ​​or letters. The currency does not depend on a specific blockchain, as it can be introduced into any blockchain. 

Veritaseum cryptocurrency - growth potential and magnet for investors

Veritas has produced Veritas tokens, which are software. The platform belongs to the category of decentralized. Work on the first version of the system began back in 2013, but the launch occurred only after 5 years.

The collection of financial support passed through ICO. Initially, the creators wanted to release only 2% of tokens for purchase by individuals – the other 98% were left to participate in investors. However, the collection slowed down a few days later. 36 thousand tokens with a total value of $ 8 million were stolen. These tokens were enveloped and cashed out. Despite this failure, the creators continued to raise funds, and today Veritaseum cryptmons are popular among investors and individuals.

Features of Veritaseum cryptocurrency

There are centralized, decentralized and distribution systems. The latter species has the best degree of protection. The platform was created on the basis of broadcast technology – the user can buy and conduct internal contracts. The use of proven code and the lack of a commission make this financial instrument in demand in the ranks of investors. The owner of tokens can buy securities without credit risk. 
This project is a large platform that works as an investment fund – but in the case of Veritaseum the human factor is completely excluded. The developers decided to release only two million coins for universal use – the remaining 98% are available only for large investors (exchanges, funds or companies). 

This is what the creator of the company says, Rag Midleton:
“Cryptocurrency companies are trying to use old blockchain algorithms. We decided to use a new algorithm that allows anyone who wants to use modern technology achievements “.

The software of this project involves the provision of the service to organizations that cannot immediately switch to the use of a decentralized system. This project is characterized by versatility and flexibility. The system’s client gets the opportunity to use the functionality of the software and independently monitor the stock exchange servers on the Jamaica.

What exactly the project owners can use:

  • Decentralized exchange of currencies for brokers on the exchange;
  • Operation of SMART contracts.
  • As for the decentralized part of the system, they are operated in a unique way. This system is based on constant observations of specialists working in the field of fundamental and forensic analytics. 

    The main feature of the Veritaseum project is a project mechanism called Veadir. This project includes 12 smart contracts that are responsible for the support and functioning of programs within the blockchain network. Despite the fact that this mechanism is under testing, it is fully functioning.
    It provides the functioning of digital assets and is involved in the formation of the base through the use of positive adjustment technology, taking into account the risks.

    Does Veritaseum cryptocurrency have prospects?

    We remind potential investors that in front of you is a project based on blockchain technology, which performs the functions of an investment fund. Transactions of financial resources occur without intermediaries and third -party organizations. 
    The project is focused on the capital market, which gives this currency the potential for growth. Tokens can only be used within the network of this project – for coins you buy platform services. Coins can also be obtained on the exchange or reinvested with the received financial instrument in another project.
    Some experts believe that this cryptocurrency is very promising. It is assumed that Veritaseum will be among the most popular investment tools. However, for this company, it is necessary to attract as many investors as possible, which will be exchanges and other projects.

    Technical characteristics of the crypto -monetes Veritaseum

    Principle of operation System analysts that are responsible for creating a structure to support the algorithm, receive the task. They create a design that is transmitted to specialists in the programs and developers of smart contracts.  The received coins are transferred to the client.
    Smart counterattacks Coins are transformed on Sattekens that are used to work financial mechanisms. One of these systems are VEADIR, which includes about 12 smart contracts. 
    Anonymity High – lack of intermediaries
    Mining No
    Number of coins in circulation 36000
    Capitalization 817 billion dollars
    Price $ 374 (25.ten.2018)
    Website http: // Veritas.Veritaseum.Com/
    Date of the start of the project Mid -2017

    Cryptocurrency course

    The cost of tokens continues to grow – in one year the cost increased from 48 to 370 dollars. The price fell to a minimum of $ 28 and reached the maximum mark of $ 480 at the end of 2017. It is believed that the cost will continue to grow. However, a lot depends on the activity of the company’s developers, since their main task is to attract investors and companies. The greater the demand for tokens, the higher their cost. 

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