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  • Airdrop ends 2022-05-25
  • Total value: 20,000,000 TDX
  • Platform: ETH

Estimated Value

Tokens per Claim
200 TDX

Max. Participants


Tidex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange based out of London. The platform provides traders an opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens and assets on the exchanges. There are over 100 trading pairs available on the platform, and it is popularly known for its user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Tidex is airdropping a total of 20,000,000 TDX to users who complete simple tasks. Create an account, complete KYC and deposit $20 worth of crypto to receive 200 TDX. Also get 70 TDX for each referral and another 30 TDX when your referral invites another friend.

Tidex history

Tidex is a platform with a great history, a highly effective tool combining all the qualities of modern centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, originating in 2017. The founder of the exchange is the scientist Alexander Ivanov – the creator and general director of the Waves Platform platform cryptocurrency, to today the level of development of the company has reached the leading heights and the capitalization of Waves token exceeded 3 billion USDs.

Advantages of the TIDEX ecosystem

Storage and use of cryptocurrency on the TIDEX platform

  • Safe due to perfect algorithms and the latest security systems.
  • The core of the system is based on complete data encryption.
  • Finance and assets are also strongly protected thanks to the system using cold and hot wallets.

Wide infrastructure

  • 4 methods of spare trade (limit orders, buying a market of orders, stop-limit orders, One cancels the OTER (OCO)
  • Primary placement of its own tokens on the Launchpad platform Tidex at the stage of collecting investment capital
  • Finance and assets are also strongly protected thanks to the system using cold and hot wallets.
  • Passive earnings on holding tokens on special wallets to maintain the operation of the blockchain network

Available to beginners and professionals

  • When developing the platform interface, we focused on both newcomers and advanced traders

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Create an account at .
  2. Complete your KYC verification.
  3. Now deposit $20 worth of any crypto.
  4. You will get 200 TDX.
  5. Also get 70 TDX for each referral and another 30 TDX when your referral invites another friend.
  6. Deposited coins can be withdrawn after completing the required steps.
  7. A total of 2,000,000 TDX will be distributed on May 25th, 2022 and the remaining 18,000,000 TDX will be distributed over the course of 18 months starting from November 11th, 2022.

CEX and DEX Launchpad:

CEX launchpad

There are 5 days to purchase tokens at a special price of 0.095 USDT at the main public auction on the vesting model on Tidex’s own centralized Launchpad platform. During the CEX Launchpad period (25.05 – 30.05) with an offer of 21,000,000 TDX.

  • 31.05 Token Generation Event CEX Launchpad funds will occur – on which 15% of the implemented fund
  • 31.06 Daily vesting period begins, during which 17 850 000 TDX will be distributed over 12 months

DEX launchpad

Only 31.05 you can take part in TDX auction at 3 IDO sites at a special price of 0.095 USDT with a proposal 10 500 000 TDX .

Trade Launch

The start of the TDX TOKEN trading on the TIDEX exchange will take place on 05/31/2022.

Starting from the day the TDX trading launch for TIDEX users will be a discount on the trading commission of absolutely all trading couples when paying for the commission by our token!


  • KYC required
  • E-Mail required

Incryptico Analysis

Site Overview

Domain: tidex.com
Backlinks: 41300
Referring domains: 1930
Organic Keywords in Google: 292
PPC Keywords: 1
Organic traffic: 1500
Traffic value: $557
PPC: $0
First active in search: 23 Jan 2017

Web Archive:

Tidex in 2017

Tidex in 2018

Tidex token in 2020

Tidex in 2022

DNS history:

Token Overview

Contracts: Ethereum | BNB Smart Chain | Velas

05.05.2022 – Created 150 000 000 TDX

Holders: 1

Project Overview


Volume(24h) – $109 287 702.67 (3 792 BTC)

Create – 2017

Owners – ?

Roadmap – Not true

Reasonable go to Tidex Airdrop – 76%

TDX projected price after DEX – 1$



Tidex – a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) with a long history and
experience, dating back to 2017, co-founded by the creator and CEO of the
cryptocurrency platform Waves Platform.

Tidex Token (TDX) – is an exchange service token for the Tidex Exchange, the
existence of which is secured for use and access to a number of services and
functions on the Tidex Exchange

Token distribution funds

The general tenets of tokenomics, which are described in Table 1 below, are
based on six foundations including marketing with its four target areas.


Information from site*

2017 – Launching the exchange
2019 – European jurisdiction
2021 – Launch of the new version of the platform
2022 – Launching your own TDX token

  • Q1 – Cooperation with Tidex Bank System Integration
  • Q2 – Launch NFT MarketPlace
  • Q4 – Launching your own TDX DAPP Solutions blockchain


  • Q3 – Launching the project “Tidex in Metaverse”

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