The most valuable company in the world accepts Bitcoin!

Incryptico » The most valuable company in the world accepts Bitcoin!
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Apple is the most valuable company in the world for most of the year, so when one such “institution” supports Bitcoin, it means a great thing!

If you are a Bitcoin user and you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, then you will be thrilled by the fact that you will be able to use the strongest cryptocurrency with the Apple Pay payment system via the mentioned devices.

Through the BitPay wallet application and the prepaid MasterCard card in Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, Bitcoin can be added and paid for online and in stores.

Not only that, but the BitPay wallet application also supports Ether, Bitcoin Cash, but also cryptocurrencies linked to the dollar currency, such as USDC, Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard and BUSD.

To add BitPaycard to Apple Wallet, you must have the latest version of BitPay installed. This app is, of course, officially available in the Apple AppStore store, and can also be found in the Google Play store.

According to the PhoneArena news source, Google will soon support the spending of Bitcoin currency in this way through its Google Pay, as well as Samsung using the Samsung Pay system, but this has not yet been verified or confirmed from any source.

Apple’s support comes at an ideal time, according to money experts, because it could bring the company as much as 40 billion dollars in earnings from the exchange of cryptocurrencies alone, and give America the advantage in the cryptocurrency market in the next 20 years at least.

Also, the support of a growing number of American large companies, such as Apple, but also Tesla, which announced that it will sell cars in cryptocurrencies, means that the market accepts such technologies, although its regulators and official institutions do not trust it.

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