The Founder of Cardano Proposed Elon Musk to Create a Decentralized Twitter

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In March, Elon MUSK conducted a survey among his subscribers on whether he should develop an open source platform that would support the principles of democracy and freedom of speech. Most of the survey participants supported this idea, and some users suggested that he add DOGE support to this platform for sending “tips”.

Most recently, Elon Musk announced that he was ready to buy all the shares of the social network Twitter for $43 bln in order to unlock its true potential. According to Elon Musk, this platform cannot achieve its social goals in its current state.

IOHK CEO Charles HOSKINSON commented on the situation on Twitter. Hoskinson wrote to Musk that if Twitter denied him the deal, he was willing to work with him to build a decentralized social platform. The founder of Cardano is interested in partnering with Musk, because in this case, support for not only DOGE, but also ADA will be added to the platform. Whether Elon Musk will respond to this proposal remains in question.

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