Substratum cryptocurrency basis for the future decentralized web 3.0?

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Substratum cryptocurrency is a digital token of a decentralized platform (SUB), which is designed to level the main disadvantages of users interaction with the Internet. It is based on a fully distributed one -ranking equalized Network model, the use of leading cryptography standards and specially designed advanced compression algorithms to obtain safe content with any user without the need to connect via VPN, I2P, Tor, or similar technologies. The device of each of the participants, connected to Substratum Network will be a node that stores information. A similar idea is also used in other cryptocurrency models.
For calculations for servicing queries, their own Sub coin is used as a payment product and to attract customers. The participants of the substratum will receive money for the place for storage provided on their servers. And users of the network will be calculated using micro transactions.


This digital currency was presented in February and appeared on exchanges in September 2017. Its creators have been working as a cohesion team for many years, the leader of which is Justin Tabb (Justin Tabb). In their portfolio, successful cooperation with:
 – Disney;
 – Kodak;
 – Facebook;
 – Apple;
 – Other largest IT companies.

The main version was published in July last year. In early 2018, the possibility of direct transactions with credit cards, sites and web applications will be added. It will also be possible to calculate other cryptocurrencies when transactions due to automatic conversion through Bitcoin.

Features of Substratum Network

This project is based on the principle of a decentralized system of components in which cryptography is used to ensure a holistic and safe transfer of content from the addressee to the recipient. Blockchain is used by its own development. On each host, included in the system, there are separate parts of the entire volume of data. At the same time, at certain time intervals, they change their location. This storage method is used to exclude the possibility of tracking information.
Part of the network can be made any device under the control of common operating systems. This will not require special software – most modern browsers (IE, Safari, Firefox, on the Chromium engine) are suitable for servicing inquiries.

Participants need to have complete confidence in the protection of their private data, sending them for storage to third -party users. This allows the use of artificial intelligence united with advanced developments in the field of encryption protocols.
The maintenance of decentralized content (DBMS, domains and applications) is carried out at the expense of specially developed compression methods. The acceleration of information transmission is facilitated by the automatic determination of the geographical position of the device that stores the requested data. The same allows you to minimize the delay between the service and receiving nodes.


Smart contracts



High, complete hidden IP.

The level of protection

High – the complete safety of personal data is guaranteed.

Protection against DDOS

Thanks to distribution, security and stress resistance, such an attack on the network is difficult.



What type of Proof or Proof-Os uses


Substratum cryptocurrency basis for the future decentralized web 3.0?


There are implementations for Mac, Windows, Linux, in any modern browser.


Sub, comply with the ERC20 standard.

The average cost of the transaction

Inside the system is free.

The average transaction time

No information

The number of coins in circulation for today

226 091 449

The maximum possible number of coins

352 000 000

Capitalization for today

149 895 013 $

Cost for today

$ 0.66


Ethereum address is used.


https: // substratum.Net

When starting

July 2017.

Where to buy/sell

The main way is to become a network participant and earn on hosting. The currency is also traded in most exchanges, you can use the services of exchangers.

The main exchanges where it is represented


Substratum cryptocurrency basis for the future decentralized web 3.0?

Etherdelta, Binance, Hitbtc, Kucoin, Tidex.

Road map

Start 2018:

The start of the official version of the Substratumpay payment gateway. Implementation of improved technology for converting cryptocurrencies Substratumbridge.

White paper (White Paper)

Released in July 2017., The final version 3.4 of August of the same year.


The creators are sure that they laid the foundations of the future decentralized Web 3.0. Their development with open source code, allowing participants to take the unequadved capacities of their computer for rent, will revolutionize the Hosting Industry.
Experts positively evaluate the idea with rental and redistribution of computing resources. With the help of the Substratum platform, everyone has the opportunity not only to safely store personal data and independence from international digital barriers, but also the possibility of earnings on their computers, without purchasing special installations for mining. The competitiveness of the Sub cryptocurrency and the success of development will depend on the perfection of the technical implementation and the proposed functionality.
The abolition of network neutrality in the United States caused an increase in interest in Substratum Network. Soon these coins will be sold on Bittrex – another large site, which means that the turnover will increase. This creates favorable prospects for short -term investments in the project.

Currency course for 2017.

During the first half of the year, the quotation slowly increased, without sharp changes. An increase in the course in August is associated with the fact that several influential bloggers drew their attention to the substratum, and several video dedicated to it appeared on YouTube. The surge at the end of the year was, possibly, by flowing part of the funds back to Altcoin after Bitcoin falls to 12 thousand dollars.

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