🔠 Split 30,000 BUSD for correct answers in the WODL game: offer from Binance News

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Binance ‘s Crypto WODL game rewards you for solving terms related to the cryptosphere. This week, players will be able to share 30,000 BUSD for correct answers: play up to two WODL games daily and receive crypto rewards.

This week’s WODL topic is the BNB network.

Users who participate in WODL before September 4th and solve puzzles with at least 5 correct answers will receive a share of 30,000 BUSD.

The WODL game functions similarly to the well-known Wordle. Type a word and check the tiles: they will light up in one color or another to show if the letter you typed is in the final word, if it’s in the word at all, or if it’s just not in the right place.

You can play a maximum of two WODL games per day. The second game can be unlocked by clicking “Get New WODL” and sharing one of Binance News ‘ news of the day on social media.

The first WODL of this week is available at the link: https://www.binance.com/uk-UA/activity/wodl/G769479106450747393

The promotion lasts from August 29 to September 4.

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