🎁 Share 500,000 BUSD in Crypto Box Giveaway on Binance Pay

Incryptico » 🎁 Share 500,000 BUSD in Crypto Box Giveaway on Binance Pay
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Binance Pay users will be able to receive up to 10 BUSD in Crypto Box. All you need for this is a Binance account and registration on the Binance Pay platform .

Existing Binance users can claim rewards in the crypto exchange’s app. To do this, you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner of the main page of the Binance app to access Binance Pay. Select [Crypto Box], click [Receive], and enter the code “BINANCEPAY” to get a Crypto Box reward of up to 10 BUSD.

New Binance users need to register with the crypto exchange and create an account on the Binance Pay platform during the promotion period – this will allow you to receive an additional bonus of 3 BUSD in addition to the Crypto Box reward. The 3 BUSD bonus is only available to new Binance users who have not transacted through Binance Pay prior to receiving the Crypto Box reward.

The total reward pool is 500,000 BUSD.

The promotion will last from 07:00 on 09/08/2022 to 02:59 on 01/09/2022 Kyiv time or until the rewards are fully distributed.

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