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Overview of the cloud mining service Bitcoin SHAMINING

The SHAMINING cloud mining service is a unique project that strives to make mining accessible and understandable to everyone. The developers focused not only on the efficient efficiency platform, but also on the transparency of the client system during the mining process, integrated into the game elements and animations. Incryptico specialists tell you more.

SHAMINING service overview

The SHAMINING cloud mining platform began its work in 2018. The project team’s goal was to create a high-quality and simple platform for Bitcoin mining that would not only be profitable, but also as understandable and interesting as possible for users. The service team consists of five leading specialists. Each of the specialists is busy with their own specialized area.

With SHAMINING, you can start mining the world’s leading cryptocurrency without having to assemble your own expensive mining rig, worry about its proper operation or optimize energy consumption. SHAMINING specialists have already taken care of everything necessary for profitable mining. The company has three data centers located in San Jose (USA, California), London (UK) and Cape Town (Western Cape, South Africa). Mining centers are built in sunny regions: to optimize their operation and reduce the cost of consumed electricity, wind generators and solar panels are used.

How to get started with SHAMINING

It’s easy to start cloud mining with SHAMINING. The user is required to take three simple steps:

  • Register;
  • Launch the miner;
  • Get a profit.

The service takes care of all technical work. You can note the user-friendly interface and transparent tariffs, as well as a generous bonus of 37% of the investment.

Registration and contract selection

A new user must create an account to start working with the service. To register you need:

  1. Go to the official website of the SHAMINING service.
  2. Select the “Registration” section.
  3. In the form that opens, indicate your full name, phone number, email, and password for your account.
  4. Confirm your agreement with the user agreement and privacy policy.
  5. Find a message from SHAMINING in your mail and follow the link in the letter to confirm registration.

In the personal account, the user will be able to select a production contract. The service allows miners to independently choose the amount of rented power. To do this you need:

  1. Login to your personal account.
  2. Select the “Add miner” option.
  3. In the window that opens, move the slider to the desired miner power. The minimum investment amount is $50, the maximum is $10,000.
  4. Click on the “Start Earning” button and pay for the contract in any convenient way.

The SHAMINING service offers users three ready-made mining contracts:

  • Small: power – 23580 GH/s; price for 1 GH/S – $0.0120; service fee – $0.0108 per 1 GH/s per day; yield from 143%.
  • Average: power – 94340 GH/s; price for 1 GH/S – $0.0113; service fee – $0.0106 per 1 GH/s per day; yield from 149%.
  • Large: 235849 GH/s; price for 1 GH/S – $0.0109; service fee – $0.0104 per 1 GH/s per day; yield from 156%.

The duration of any SHAMINING contract is 1 year. If an investor is planning a large investment (over $100,000), he can contact the project managers and agree to lease large capacities on personal terms.

Profitability calculator

On the miner selection page, the user can see the estimated profitability per day, month, and year. The minimum contract can bring in $0.22 per day and $78.00 per year. The maximum contract yield per year is $15,600. These values ​​may vary depending on market conditions.

After purchasing a miner, it will be reflected in the list of active ones in the “Your miners” field. Below the list of active miners, all the information necessary to calculate the return on investment will be displayed:

  • schedule of receipts from miners;
  • number of active miners;
  • total profitability;
  • the number of bitcoins mined.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

You can pay for the contract:

  • Visa/MasterCard bank card;
  • through the QIWI payment system;
  • transfer to a bank account;
  • Bitcoin.

The payment system on the service is automated. Every day, the investor’s balance is credited with the amount in BTC that his miners mined. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10 or its equivalent in Bitcoin. Withdrawal is possible on:

  • bank account in IBAN format;
  • bank card;
  • Bitcoin wallet.

When withdrawing to bank accounts or cards, the payment will be made in the currency of your account after exchanging Bitcoin at the current rate. Users can submit a payment request in their personal account in the “Withdrawal” section. Payment processing time is 24 hours. Please note that in order to withdraw funds to bank cards and accounts, users must undergo identity verification as part of the KYC program. Withdrawal to BTS is available immediately after reaching the minimum balance.

The SHAMINING service provides the opportunity to reinvest earnings into new contracts, which makes it easy to increase capacity and earn even more.

Statistics tracking

One of the distinctive features of the SHAMINING service is the involvement of the client in the mining process. In their personal account, investors will be able to find not only “boring” charts and statistics, but also animated miners. The greater the power of the rented miner, the more advanced its appearance. Such elements of the game allow you to intuitively assess the power of your cloud farm, understand how mining works, and delve into the mining process.


The profitability of SHAMINING contracts varies from 143% to 156%. That is, on average, a contract pays back the investment in half a year, and the rest of the time brings profit to the owner. The more GH/s a miner has, the more profit he can bring to the investor. Moreover, the greater the rented capacity, the lower the cost of one GH/s and the fee for its maintenance. Accordingly, the payback period of the contract is shorter.

Technical support

If any questions arise, users can contact the service support service, which will help resolve technical problems and provide advice. You can contact the service manager via online chat on the website or by writing an email.

Advantages and disadvantages of the service

The SHAMINING team tried to implement the most simple, but at the same time profitable cloud mining service. Among the key advantages of cooperation with the service are:

  • Easy start. The minimum contract amount is only $50 dollars, which allows even investors who do not have significant start-up capital to start mining Bitcoin.
  • Simplicity. All you need to do is choose a miner. There is no need to install any additional software, worry about the stable operation of the equipment, or constantly monitor the market. SHAMINING specialists have already taken care of all the technical details and investors can only make a profit.
  • Convenience. The service has a simple and intuitive interface, complemented by animation and game elements. Even a beginner can understand mining.
  • Profitability. In modern market conditions, it is no longer profitable to mine military-technical equipment at home. But the company’s optimized data centers are able to offer investors returns of 143%.
  • Variety of contracts. Customers can independently choose the capacity of their farm or buy one of the optimized contracts. Large investors can agree to rent capacity on individual terms by contacting the project manager.
  • Highly qualified support service. Customers of the service can count on effective technical support when contacting support. On the site you can also find the email of each team member and write to him.

The SHAMINING company organizes cloud mining using leading technologies from the field of IT and cryptocurrencies. The main idea of ​​the project is to offer users the most efficient use of computing power for profitable and simple Bitcoin mining. The service takes care of all the technical work on organizing mining farms, allowing investors to easily make a profit using only a simple website interface.

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