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Design Services

We believe that the visual side of a project is crucial in making the first impression and delivering the message. That’s why we came up with a team of experienced designers with good taste and knowledge of the blockchain industry.

Branding and UX/UI Design

Our designers are here to create full branding for your project, including logo, identity, and the brand book. We also believe that your website is your business card. We can help you to build a modern intuitive website that will tell the story of your project and easily convert visitors into subscribers and, eventually, buyers. Finally, we have a strong background in app design and product design, and we encourage you to take advantage of that within your project.

Promo Materials

There are many visuals you will require to promote your blockchain product. Those include online materials, such as banners, images for social media posts, and landing pages, as well as printed promo stuff, including posters, booklets, roll-ups, etc. Let us cover all that for you!