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Blockchain Development

We at INCRYPTICO have established close partnerships with the leading blockchain development companies who have many years of experience in creating smart contracts, building dApps, various decentralized platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

ICO Smart Contract Creation

Smart contracts ensure the automatic transition of digital assets based on the pre-set conditions. A well-written smart contract is the core of any token crowdsale, as it adds trust to the ICO holders. Our blockchain development partners have created multiple smart contracts so far and are able to build ones from scratch or conduct an audit of your smart contract based on their expertise.

Investor Dashboard Creation

A user-friendly investor dashboard is a key to a higher paycheck when it comes to ICOs. The blockchain developers we work with create intuitive dashboards for token sale investors, with multi-step authentication, built-in KYC/AML solutions, triggered emails, real-time stats, referral programs, etc.

Blockchain MVP Development

An operating MVP is a great tool to test the workability of your idea with the real business environment and an additional level of trust towards your project, especially for investors. If you are searching for a high-quality full-stack team with real experience in blockchain development, drop us a line today.