🎀 Send Women In Crypto gift cards and split 100,000,000 SHIB from Binance

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Binance gift card senders who use the Women In Crypto collection templates will be able to share a reward pool of 100,000,000 SHIB.

Anyone who sends a gift card for the first time will be entitled to a share of SHIB’s 60 million pool once the Women In Crypto template card is successfully activated by the recipient. The more cards sent, the bigger the share of the prize pool.

Users who have already sent gift cards will be eligible to receive 10,000 SHIB for each Women In Crypto card recipient. It is important that the gift card with the template of this collection is worth at least $2. The reward pool is 40,000,000 SHIB. Each user can earn a maximum of 200,000 SHIB in rewards.

Gift cards sent during the promotional period must be activated by the end of August, so the sender will be considered a participant in the promotion. Each user can be considered a participant of only one promotion: for new senders or for those who are not sending gift cards for the first time.

Rewards will be sent directly to gift card users’ accounts two weeks after the end of the promotion, which runs until September 1st.

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