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Salt cryptocurrency is an internal currency of the same system. This online platform provides its participants with the opportunity to either receive credit funds or act as a lender, but in a lesser trivial way. All loans are issued on bail, which are cryptocurrency assets based on blockchain technology.

Salt cryptocurrency and credit online platform


In order to gain access to credit funds, it is necessary to purchase SALT tokens.

Currently, the creators of the platform offer the following lending levels:

  • When buying only one coin, the minimum loan period is two months, and the maximum is two years. The loan amount cannot exceed $ 10,000.
  • When buying from 10 to 99 tokens, the maximum loan amount is a mark of $ 100,000, which will have to be repaid for three years.
  • When buying 100 or more Salt, the volume of credit funds available for receipt increases to $ 1,000,000.
  • The first two levels are valid for 12 months, but the conditions of the last level are agreed individually and largely depend on the amount of invested funds.

    Advantages of the Salt platform

    The principle of operation of this platform is as simple as possible: the user can take a loan in fiat money, and the existing cryptocurrency acts as a collateral. The loan repayment is also carried out by the usual money based on the terms of the loan agreement.

    One of the main advantages of this system is its common public, as well as relative autonomy from the variability of prices in the cryptocurrency market.

    Separately, it is worth noting the fact that this credit site, unlike most of the current digital projects, works exclusively in the legal sphere:

  • All loans issued are regulated by international norms and principles of law.
  • Government institutions have access to conducting inspections of this credit platform and may act as a supervisory authority.
  • All transactions concluded are supervised by a staff specialist in the field of securities.
  • Features of the SALT platform, which need to be finalized

    The SALT system has a number of features that cannot be called positive. 

    So, some analysts note the following factors:

  • Complete lack of anonymity. Upon receipt of a large cash loan, it is necessary to pass verification without fail.
  • Loss of decentralization. Potential control of government institutions “kills” what many appreciate blockchain and cryptocurrencies so much.
  • The relevance of lending in this way. There are currently a number of online platforms that provide similar services based on smart contracts and on a more private basis.
  • Unprofitable conditions of return. The cryptocurrency market does not differ in its stability (in any case at the moment) and in a situation of depreciation of virtual coins acting as a collateral, to redeem them back and there is no.
  • Lack of credit rating. The activities of the Salt site are based on membership and the unscrupulous creditworthie will not be difficult after a certain period of time to try to get a loan again.
  • Lending insurance on the key to tokens. Currently, there is hardly a company that will expose its money to risk to ensure the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.
  • The liquidity of the digital currency market does not allow accurate forecasts even for securities specialists.
  • ICO and token course

    The pre -sale of Salt coins took place in August 2017. The development team managed to attract about $ 45,000,000. It has become trading on the exchange of this cryptocurrency from September 29 last year at a price of $ 6.91 per coin and almost every day of trading Salt lost its value. On November 2, the cost of token reached its minimum mark of $ 2.26, and after that it began to grow. Already in early December, the price reached $ 4, and on the 29th day of the same month set a record – $ 16.68. True, after that there was a decline again and as of February 1, 2018, for 1 Salt, no more than $ 6 could help out.

    Salt cryptocurrency and credit online platform

    Investing in Salt

    Taking into account all the above indicated aspects, this credit site can be safely attributed to the category of banking institutions, which in their activities apply current methods, in particular, blockchain technology. A large number of experts are positively expressed about the potential of SALT, largely due to the convenient system of obtaining/providing credit funds and activities within the framework of the legal sphere.

    In addition, it should be noted a large number of strategic partners of this project. 

    So, the Salt platform was supported:

  • Bitcoin Marketing Team;
  • Shape Shift;
  • Wallets JAXX and Exodus;
  • Nasdaq;
  • Bitcoin Magazine;
  • The Central Bank of Mauritius and other organizations and companies that have a certain “weight” in their areas.
  • Analysts are convinced that such interaction will ensure the active development of the project, which makes Salt tokens one of the good projects to invest in long.

    Main characteristics





    The total number of coins

    120 000 000 Salt

    The number of coins in circulation for today*

    52 847 204 Salt

    Capitalization for today in dollars*

    $ 225 918 625 USD

    Capitalization for today in bitcoins*

    28 503 BTC 

    The cost for today is in dollars*

    $ 4.27 USD

    The cost for today in bitcoins*

    0.00053935 BTC


    https: // www.Saltlanding.Com/

    Start of trade on the exchange


    The main exchanges where cryptocurrency is represented








    *Data is relevant for 09.02.2018


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