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This currency is based on a decentralized Ethereum platform. The main purpose of its creation was the abolition of existing payment systems and the creation of a new, with wide functionality. She will carry out accounting operations, real -time payments and issue accounts. 
It has several important advantages:
– limited emission;
– high level of security;
– low commission for transactions;
– the ability to create an automated workplace on the basis of this platform;
– Privacy.

Request Network - promising cryptocurrency

History of the occurrence of Request Network

This is a completely new electronic currency, which was accepted at the Ycombinator incubator’s winter session in 2017, so so far it does not have a story that could interest users of the network, potential investors or simply tell more about the process of developing the project in stages in more detail.

Technical characteristics of the currency

Work algorithm 
The work algorithm directly depends on which users a transaction will be made. Nevertheless, it has one common step – direct connections between counterparties through sending requests, which saves time and money on commission to third parties. 
If an invoice is issued in B 2 b, then a special book is connected to the transaction, which will be available to the inspection bodies and all participants in the transaction. The use of this element completely eliminates the company on the need for manual copying of invoices and creating unnecessary takes in reporting documentation.
Online payment using this technology is much safer, because data exchange is carried out only directly between counterparties and without the participation of third parties, which helps to protect the data, speed up their processing and at the same time save on the commission to third parties.
Automation of workplaces is due to the fact that all transactions of the company are recorded in the book, and the write -offs of VAT and other taxes occur in automatic mode, which allows you to abolish a large share of accounting work. 
An interesting feature of work with the new currency will be conditional deposit. This means that the user can pay for the goods to the virtual account, and the money after delivery of the goods or the provision of the service will be transferred to the right company. This is very convenient when renting an apartment or other operations where you need to confirm your solvency. Also, this method will appeal to online stores, because they will be able to verify the solvency of their client and that he will fulfill the terms of the contract of sale. This is a very promising function that electronic wallets use, but the system’s commission will not be taken into account, so both sides will save their funds. 
This parameter is provided by the fact that third parties do not participate in the processing of the transaction and all information is transmitted only between two counterparties. 
The average cost of the transaction
It is expected that the average cost of the transaction in this currency will not exceed 0.5% of its denomination, but there will be no less than 0.1%. Compared to other payment systems, which with the participation of intermediaries take from 1.5% to 6% of the commission.
The average transaction time
The average transaction time varies in the area of ​​several seconds, because the type of data processing is affected by the type of transaction, as well as the number of counterparties for which it should become available. Nevertheless, the technology allows you to quickly carry out data processing, which displays it to one level with the most promising electronic currencies. 
The number of coins in circulation for today
To date, 641,378,269 such coins have already been released, so their release is still ongoing until it reaches a boundary indicator of 1 billion. This is the optimal number of coins, which will eventually not be infected and will be quite enough to contact between counterparties.
Capitalization for today
The capitalization of these coins today is $ 7,982,270 USD, and this despite the fact that the developer invested in startups based on it more than $ 80 billion. With such active financial and resource support, there is a constant increase in the capitalization of this promising currency. 
Cost for today
For one REQ today you can get $ 0.237198, which is a good indicator for a relatively new currency. 
The official website of the project is https: // Request.Network/. All information about developers is collected on its pages and even the opportunity to join the team is available. 
Where to buy/sell
I trade a lot of exchanges in this currency today, so you can purchase and sell it on sites such as: Binance, Huobi, OKEX, LIQUI and many others. Due to widespread, getting such a currency today is very simple.

Request Network - promising cryptocurrency

Road map

Q1 2018
The first process of iteration of the request working with Ethereum on the base network.
A project website has appeared to create, visualizing and coordinating requests from users.
The development has added a request for management of accounting transactions as a refund, credit operations and orders for delivery.
Q2 2018
Improving the concept of scaling a request through a plasma chain through POS.
Confidentiality was provided through the use of Zksnarks.
Added fiat roll to Request.
Q3 2018
Additional extensions are deployed, such as Escrow, Tax, Down Payment and Late Fees.
Q4 2018 and further
The control system is deployed.
The inter -collection calculation is deployed through the REQ token to facilitate international payments.

Why is it worth investing investors?

This currency has a huge resource and financial support, and also assumes a large -scale role in simplifying transactions and reducing them, so that it is constantly growing in price and has excellent prospects for the future. It can be invested in it both for the long term and for a short time.
Why should developers invest?
This is a great technology for use in Internet projects that deal with financial transactions via the Internet. The technology will be interesting to online stores and many other developers who will appreciate all its prospects and join several thousand already existing startups. 

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