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Rebranding was carried out. Raiblocks – Nano

Raiblocks (XRB) - instant transaction system

The main team wanted to get a name that would represent the simplicity and speed of the project, and Nano does this. The new logo uses several nodes playing on the block-red design of the network, which are connected to the form “N.””. All accounts of social networks will be updated to reflect the changes in the name and logo. New site – Nano.Org.

Raiblocks (XRB) is a cryptocurrency that has taken as an asynchronous system for providing information and data for the entire network. Users update only their block, and it is already projected for the rest. The advantages of use can be called high speed processing, unlimited scalability and exclusion of transactions commissions. 
Despite all the simplicity of implementation, the creators managed to add new functions that were not previously used in any other system. The main advantage is the high speed of transactions. The cryptocurrency blockchain is capable of processing up to seven transactions in one second, while maintaining complete anonymity and ensuring the safety of the user. You can also add to the list of advantages:

  • Complete decentralization. Cryptocurrency does not depend on the stock markets or on the state system;
  • Development prospects. This system is also characterized by rapid development, thanks to the activities of developers;
  • The ability to use from various platforms. Several wallets and applications were presented to control cryptocurrency;
  • Lack of commissions. A similar system makes Raiblocks the main tool for consumer transactions
  • When conducting operations, not the amount that were spent, but the rest in the account are monitored. Thus, the complete safety of the data provided is maintained.

    History of creation

    In December 2014, the first beta-rearations were published. This was almost the first cryptocurrency working on the DAG system, which is deciphered as a “directed acyclic graph”. Thanks to the latest implementation system, network performance and information exchange security was increased. 
    For mining, users will not need special equipment or powerful equipment. The minimum energy -consuming cryptocurrency opens up a lot of capabilities to users where you can store the received funds using electronic wallets and applications. At the moment, it is one of the promising and is gradually gaining popularity among miners. 
    Unlike other systems, its work is based on a block-red, rather than a conventional block. Each account has its own history and chain, which is integrated into a common network. Thanks to this technology, replenishment and transfer of balance from one profile to another is performed in only two operations: sending and replenishment of account. 

    Technical features

    Over the past few months, the XRB has grown 100 times in its cost, which indicates the further development and profitability of the currency. Pow protection method, which is complete resistance from DDOS attacks and spam. This system is able to fully protect all the operations and excludes any freezing. 
    Since the creation of the digital currency, 133 248 289 XRB has already been implemented, and with further development, it can be assumed that it will increase in value. At the moment, the cost of one coin is $ 13.49. It is impossible not to indicate the fact that in 2017 the currency felt a serious rise that made it one of the available relevant. 

    The system of its work uses the Heshing Algorithm Blake2b. The token itself can be divided into millionth parts, where one XRB is equal to a whole million RAI. There is an even smaller coin – RAW. A similar scheme makes Raiblocks an excellent tool for conducting microtransactions between users. 

    Mining algorithm  DAG
    Smart contracts Excludes their use
    Anonymity High, based on the decentralization system
    Mining No, a method of production using captcha
    The time of creating a block 30 seconds
    What type of Proof uses Pow
    Tokens XRB, Nano
    Number of coins in circulation for today  133 248 289
    The maximum possible number of coins 133 248 290
    Capitalization $ 1 783 328 479
    Cost for today $ 13.38 USD
    Website https: // rablocks.Net/, Nano.Org
    Start December, 2014.
    Closed to prey (primary distribution of coins) October, 2017.
    Services where it is presented Mercatox

    In White Paper, developers expressed concern about Bitcoin security as cryptocurrencies. The main problems that interests them and were successfully resolved – scalability and high commission for transactions. The new Raiblocks currency decided all the above shortcomings, promising instant transactions in real time. 

    RXB distinguishing features was the presence of its own data chain for each user. This means that only one account can be edited by an individual data block, which is asynchronously transmitted to the entire network. 

    Road map

    Cryptocurrency course

    At the time of the beginning of 2018, capitalization reached a rate of $ 1,783,328,479 at a cost of $ 13.3. The New Year for token was marked by the opening of two additional exchanges where you can exchange currency or purchase. Mobile applications were launched, with the help of which it is possible to accumulate funds and their storage. Wallets provide an official website where you can download applications for work and management on Windows, Mac, Linux and others.

    Token course for all 2017-2018

    Raiblocks (XRB) - instant transaction system

    Today the currency takes 23rd place, among a hundred popular cryptocurrencies. Her course is unstable, but rises in price. You can buy tokens on the Kucoin service by creating your own wallet, as well as using four other described resources described. not
    Raiblocks is often compared with IOTA, despite completely different work systems and access for users. You can also notice that the RXB algorithm is similar to POS, although the developers assure the complete decentralization and safety of obtaining funds. It is impossible not to note the fact that the described cryptocurrency is deprived of the opportunity to conduct offchain transaction, that is, the recipient must be online. 

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