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At Playbux, we believe the Metaverse is more than just another universe, it is indeed a method for us to merge other platforms into our world. That is where blockchain’s genuine power lies.
Commerce, DeFi, NFT, and metaverse activities will all be integrated into our platform.

PBUX/WBNB PancakeSwap v2 (BSC)
PBUX is currently not verified by CoinMarketCap. Info on this page is provided by DEX.

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial world, offering decentralized and secure transactions across borders. Among the plethora of digital currencies emerging, stands out as a promising venture in the realm of virtual finance.


Cryptoproject presents a cutting-edge platform designed to redefine the landscape of digital transactions. Leveraging blockchain technology, it offers users a secure and transparent environment for exchanging value. With a focus on scalability and usability, aims to streamline transactions while maintaining the integrity and security synonymous with cryptocurrencies.

The Technology Behind

At the heart of lies blockchain technology, a distributed ledger system that ensures transparency and immutability. By utilizing a decentralized network of nodes, transactions on are validated and recorded securely, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing transaction costs.

Key Features of Cryptoproject

1. Security prioritizes the security of its users’ assets. Through advanced encryption techniques and robust authentication protocols, the platform ensures that transactions are executed safely and securely, safeguarding against potential threats such as fraud and hacking.

2. Scalability

With a focus on scalability, is designed to accommodate a growing user base and increasing transaction volumes. By optimizing its blockchain infrastructure, the platform can handle a large number of transactions efficiently, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation even during peak periods.

3. Accessibility

Cryptoproject aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise or geographical location. With an intuitive user interface and comprehensive educational resources, the platform empowers users to participate in the digital economy with ease.

4. Transparency

Transparency is a core principle of Through its public blockchain ledger, users can trace the history of transactions, ensuring accountability and trust within the ecosystem. This transparency fosters confidence among users and contributes to the overall integrity of the platform.

The Future of

As continues to evolve and innovate, it holds the potential to revolutionize the way we transact and interact in the digital age. With its focus on security, scalability, accessibility, and transparency, it represents a significant advancement in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In conclusion, emerges as a frontrunner in the world of digital finance, offering a secure, scalable, and transparent platform for conducting transactions. With its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, it is poised to shape the future of finance in the digital era.

What is Brick (BRK)?

We use Brick as an intermediary for exchanges instead of money to enhance your experience with features. Whether it’s playing Claw machines, Watch to earn, Lotto Pool, or purchasing NFTs in various collections, there are many more features for you to enjoy in the future.

How to get Brick (BRK)?

Click “BRICK & PACKAGE” Banner.

Scroll to view the desired package and press info button to find more details.

Process payment on your cryptocurrencies.

If the transaction is approved, you will receive the Brick, and the system will display a pop-up a successful purchase. You can check the quantity of the Brick from the BRK Balance.

Where to use Brick (BRK)?

Users can utilize Brick (BRK) within the Playbux ecosystem for the following:

1. Walk to Earn at

2. Game Center at

3. NFT Sale at

4. Compound NFT at

What is Cashback Credit?

Cashback credit is money cashback from your shopping in ‘Shop to Earn’. The more you shop, the higher the cashback, up to 20%, helping you save money by giving them back some of what they spent.

How to get Cashback Credit?

This part shows how much cashback you earned using ‘Shop to Earn.’ The Total Earning section displays the status of total cashback amount.

You can find a list of all available merchants on our ‘Shop to Earn’ platform. To start shopping and earning cashback, simply click on the merchant you wish to purchase from.

You can view the details and status of your transactions at “Cashback History” to check your cashback transaction details.

To withdraw your cashback, simply go to the ‘Withdraw’ menu on Playbux Pre-Alpha and transfer the funds to your own Web3 Wallet. Please note that a gas fee will be required for each transaction.

Withdraw USDT : To take out your cashback, check the ‘Withdrawable balance’ amount. Look at the rewards details on the left. When you’re ready to withdraw, type in an amount less than or equal to the ‘Withdrawable balance,’ then click ‘Convert to USDT.’ The system will move the money to your wallet

*The daily withdrawal limit is $3-$200

Where to use Cashback Credit?

Users can cashback credit within the Playbux ecosystem for the following:

1. Mystery Box

2. Compound NFT

3. NFT Sale

What is Stamp to Earn?

Stamp to Earn is a feature designed for Playbux NFT holders. It allows these holders to engage in Playbux quests and, in return, earn rewards such as lotto ticket pieces. The feature encourages participation and activity within the Playbux ecosystem by offering incentives tied to the completion of specific tasks or quests.

How to join Stamp to Earn?

Click “Stamp to Earn” Banner

User can choose Standard stamp or Ultra stamp.

Complete 3 steps to earn rewards

Where to play Stamp to Earn?

Users can experience this feature through the official link:

What is Watch to Earn?

Watch to Earn is an innovative feature on that allows users to earn rewards by simply watching content. To engage in this feature, users need to create an account on if they haven’t already done so. This feature provides an opportunity for users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies while earning captivating digital rewards through the platform.

How to join Watch to Earn with iQIYI?

Click “iQIYI ” Banner.

Use WASD keyboard to navigate your character.

User can access this feature by pressing E at the theater screen.

When you watch for 30 minutes, you can get rewards every day. You can win one reward each day and claim it anytime. If you watch for less than 30 minutes, you can keep watching the next day to reach 30 minutes and still get rewards. The rewards include lottery tickets, BRK, box pieces, and special NFTs for watching.

You can browse to the other menu from the top left corner

1 Home: to return to Home page

2 Theater: Watch to earn ticket daily

3 Rewards: Show your daily rewards.

4 VIP Member: Apply for VIP Member deal.

5 Lotto: Apply for VIP Member deal.

6 Tutorial: to see the tutorial for How to play Playbux – Watch to Earn

7 Pass: Buy BRK for 30 days membership.

8 Premium pass: Buy BRK for 30 days VIP membership.

At VIP member at the menu bar, you can buy VIP membership which start at $9.99 monthly to get instant BRKs and getting daily rewards by 15 minutes.

Where to join Watch to Earn?

Users can experience this feature through the official link:

What is Walk to Earn?

Walk to Earn is an event hosted on the Playbux platform that invites anyone to join. Participants can enter the event by logging in using their Pre-Alpha event account. Engaging in this event makes individuals eligible to win diverse prizes, including USDT, BRK, Cashback Credit, and new NFTs. This initiative encourages user participation and activity on the Playbux platform by offering a variety of rewards to those who take part in the event.

How to play Walk to Earn?

Click “Walk & To Earn” Banner.

User can click “Take a Walk” to walk a step by step and get rewards.

You can click “Shoes” icon to do the double walk and get double rewards.

You can browse to the other menu from the top left corner

1 Home to return to Home page

2 Inventory to see items in your account and equip item

3 Rewards to see the rewards history that you receive

4 Rank tot see where are the ranking are you at and who is the top ranking now

5 Points to see points history by weekly challenge

6 Redeem to redeem rewards in the shop and see the redeem history

7 Buy BRK to to redirect to buy BRK page

8 Tutorial to see the tutorial for How to play Playbux – Walk to Earn

Where to play Walk to Earn?

Users can experience this feature through the official link:

What is Game Center?

Game Center in the Playbux ecosystem is a feature that introduces a claw machine game. Users can engage with this game by inserting 1 BRK, and in return, they have the chance to receive rewards in the form of NFTs. This aspect of the Game Center provides an interactive and entertaining experience for Playbux users, allowing them to try their luck and potentially collect unique digital assets through the claw machine game.

What is Shop to Earn?

Shop to Earn is a feature where users can select merchants from an event page, make regular purchases, and receive cashback credit if the transactions are approved by the merchants. The completed transactions are recorded in the user’s transaction history, and the cashback credit earned can be withdrawn in USDT. Additionally, users have the opportunity to earn special rewards by utilizing the cashback credit in various ways.

What is Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box is a feature where users can obtain special prizes by opening the box. To open the box for free, users need to collect 10 box pieces. The concept involves accumulating these pieces to unlock and reveal the contents of the Mystery Box, leading to the potential discovery of various rewards or surprises.

What is NFT Sale?

NFT Sale is a special offering where exclusive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are made available for purchase. These particular NFTs can be acquired using either cashback credit or BRK. It indicates a unique opportunity for users to obtain limited or exclusive digital assets through their accumulated cashback credit or by using the platform’s designated currency, BRK.very of various rewards or surprises.

What is Compound NFT?

A Mystery Box is a feature where users can obtain special prizes by opening the box. To open the box for free, users need to collect 10 box pieces. The concept involves accumulating these pieces to unlock and reveal the contents of the Mystery Box, leading to the potential discovery of various rewards or surprises.

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