ProBit Global x Lucretius (LUC) Airdrop

Start the week with joy, because Mondays have become even more interesting with ProBit Global 🎉
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ProBit Global launches a new airdrop every other Monday

⏰ Event period

May 16, 2022, 00:00 UTC – May 29, 2022, 23:59 UTC

* The distribution of awards will be done within 1 week after the end of the event.

❔ How to get Lucretius (LUC) airdrop

Perform any of the following tasks:

* All participants must pass both phone verification and KYC STEP 2 to be eligible for airdrops. 

⭐️ TASK # 1

Create a new ProBit Global account and complete the phone verification and KYC STEP 2 .

Reward: 100 LUC tokens

Go to My ProBit Global Account page and click “Verification” (see photo below)

Instructions for passing the verification of the person>

⭐️ TASK # 2

Invite your friends to sign up for ProBit Global.

Note. Only those users who have successfully passed both the phone verification and KYC STEP 2 will be considered invited to qualify for airdrops.

Invitees and invitees will receive airdrop in the following amounts:

Inviting: 100 LUC tokens per account

Invited: 100 LUC  tokens

In addition, the Top 10 ProBit Global users with the most invitees * will receive the following prizes during the event:

1st place: 8,000 LUC

2nd place: 6,000 LUC

3rd place: 4,800 LUC

4th place: 4,000 LUC

5th place: 3,600 LUC

6th place: 3,400 LUC

7th place: 3,200 LUC

8th place: 2,800 LUC

9th place: 2,200 LUC

10th place: 2,000 LUC

⭐️ TASK # 3

Subscribe / join ProBit Global accounts on social networks:

Reward: 50 LUC tokens

Fill out the form: 

Note: Only those who have subscribed to ALL the above accounts and have completed the form will receive an airdrop for task №3.

⭐️ TASK # 4

Retweet posts on Twitter.

Reward: 50 LUC tokens

  1. Search for ‘ @ProBit_Exchange Twitter ‘ with Google.
  2. Go to the official ProBit Global page on Twitter, like and retweet the post.
  3. Search for ‘ @LucretiusNet ‘ with Google
  4. Go to the official Lucretius Twitter page, like and retweet the post.
  5. Fill out the following form: 

Note. Only those who have retweeted all posts and completed the form will receive an airdrop for Task №4.

☝️ Important announcement

Total budget for tasks # 1 and # 2: 248,000 LUC

Total budget for tasks # 3 and # 4: 52,000 LUC

The total maximum limit is 300,000 LUC for the entire event. Participants who complete the required tasks after reaching the limit will not be eligible for airdrops. The announcement must be made in the official Telegram ProBit Global group after the limit is exceeded.

📄 Description ( ) 

Lucretius is a completely decentralized web game based on the metauniverse, full of endless fun and adventure. This is a new exciting complex where you can chat with other users, make new friends, participate in public events, win contests, share NFT in the market and many other fun activities.

In Lucretius, the fun never ends. You can participate in auctions, art exhibitions, concerts and even get paid for entertainment with Play & Earn. This is a web game that stands out for offering the best of both worlds. It provides an exciting gameplay and platform for players who want to buy and share NFT, even if they have no idea what NFT is. Lucretius was not created as a game only for blockchain players. It targets the gaming community segment, which can be quickly connected from other major platforms.

Their unique perspective offers an exciting way to connect the cool history of the game with the metaverse and the basic blockchain technology. With these features, the Lucretius complex can attract millions of gamers to the blockchain ecosystem while generating multiple revenue streams. The project uses XRPL, which promotes advanced and in-game DeFi features.

🔒 Terms and conditions

  • ProBit Global reserves the right to disqualify those members who will perform malicious actions, such as creating multiple accounts.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to suspend or terminate the airdrop at its sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to cancel or change the rules of airdrop at its discretion.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to finalize the results of this airdrop.
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