PIVX cryptocurrency – quickly and anonymously

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PIVX cryptocurrency is a platform that allows confidential transactions quickly and safely. The name of the token of this cryptocurrency comes from the first letters of the word Privacy Instant Verified Transaction. The platform was formed using the fork of popular cryptocurrency dash. The basis of the platform was the advantages of quick Dash transactions and the security of the Bitcoin network.

Features of PIVX

The work of this cryptocurrency today is based on the Protocol Proof of Stake. Although Proof of Work was originally chosen. On Pow Protokol, Pivix worked out the first 6 months of its existence. An important part of the system of this platform is the use of masternodes. Which increases the speed of transactions, and protects the network from artificial overload.

At first when this cryptocurrency used Pow, its mining was practiced. Coins that were released were subsequently destroyed.

The transition to a new algorithm was made in the summer of 2016. Since then, it became possible to minute Pivx token only with force. Algorithms take into account the number of coins on the user’s wallet and their “old age”. Since the creators of this cryptocurrency set the speed of transactions at the forefront, 60 second intervals between block formations deserve respect. Today, this is a record in the world of cryptocurrencies.

An important part of the Piviks platform is masternodes. They were inherited from the “parent” of the platform – dash. In fact, these are computer nodes that have advantages when processing operations. It is thanks to their work that the platform shows the high speed of transactions.

You can become a masternode with your wallet at least 10,000 coins. Privacy Instant Verified Transaction Plant developers use the principle of “swing”. The incentives for the development of the system are distributed between masternodes, taking into account the activity and load of the system. This allows you to maintain parity between privileged and ordinary participants in the system.

POS 3 Protocol.0 allows you to simultaneously use both a fixed award for the block and the distribution of remuneration between active participants. Currently, 90% of the transaction deductions are distributed between the masternodes, and 10% are expelled to the owners’ fund for further financing of new developments.

Why created fork pivx?

A team that creates and support the Pivix platform does not advertise itself. This Fork was created for the right to safely and confidentially exchange information. The developers emphasize that the platform is formed so that it can use it who is tired of the arbitrariness of governments, large corporations and influential financiers.

The project was launched on February 1, 2016. Its original name Darknet (DNET) was very quickly replaced by more convenient. Rebranding was necessary for several reasons. Firstly, the name Darknet frightened potential investors. Who wants to invest in the product of the “prohibited” Internet?

Secondly, the new name immediately declared itself. Everyone understood what a new coin is and why it is needed.

PIVX cryptocurrency - quickly and anonymously

Many supporters of cryptocurrencies believe that the most famous of them moved away from the principles of decentralization. Bitcoin has long been controlled by 2-3 bullets, and Dash (Parent PIVX), the most reputable masternodes. This can be left only by creating a cryptocurrency that will be considered a truly decentralized. And the course for such decentralization was taken by the developers of Pivix.

PIVX cryptocurrency - quickly and anonymously

Technical characteristics Pivx

Among the advantages of this cryptocurrency over others are worth highlighting:

  • Instant transaction check
  • Improved protocol Proof of Stake 3.0
  • Low transactions commissions
  • Works on Bitcoin Core version 0.ten.X
  • Has an optimal system for the distribution of remuneration
  • Main characteristics:

  • Algorithm: Quark
  • Masternoda: Yes
  • Anonymity: High
  • Block creation time: 60 seconds
  • Commissions: minimal
  • Protection method: Proof of Stake
  • Tokens (if any, then which): Pivx
  • The number of coins in circulation for today: 55,000,000 PIVX
  • The maximum possible number of coins: 55,000,000 PIVX
  • Capitalization for today: $ 178,000,000
  • Cost for today: $ 2.98
  • Site: https: // pivx.Org
  • When starting: 2016
  • The main exchanges where it is represented by: Binance, Cryptopia, Livecoin
  • Where to store PIVX?

    Developers pay great attention to mobile wallets. Thanks to them, you can spend tokens even at those points of sales that have the ability to quickly receive coins. At the moment, the most convenient mobile wallet is being created, the capabilities of which should be comparable to Apple Pay, Pay Pal or other similar systems. The first version of such a wallet for Android devices was light on August 1, 2017. Not so long ago such a wallet came out for the owners of the iPhone.

    This wallet has the following protection opportunities:

  • Two -factor authentication
  • Universal 2-Factor (hardware key to protection)
  • The developers of this cryptocurrency platform said that they are going to make a real pocket bank from a mobile wallet application. With which it will be possible to use your tokens anywhere in the world.

    Prospects of cryptocurrency Pivix

    After the PIVX cryptocurrency is launched until the middle of last year, its course increased by more than 1000%. But such a sharp take -off did not bring the long -awaited correction and the coin course grew confidently further. Many investors believe in this product and its strong team of developers. By the way, they need to pay tribute. The system update is released regularly. It is known that in the near future the developers should transition to the Zerocoin protocol. Which will allow you to introduce several new functions into the platform. For example, an exchange of messages between the participants in the system. Which will naturally be encoded for third parties. All this fuels interest in cryptocurrency and increases its capitalization.

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