Omisego – alternative cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum

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Omisego - alternative cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum

Omisego (OMG) – alternative cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum.
Omesigo’s own blockchain network is characterized by a whole list of innovations that had previously absented the remaining cryptocurrencies in the blockchains:

  • The exchange between forks and fiat money is decentralized, since data on users making transactions are completely anonymous and not controlled by any state financial institution.
  • The network has a mechanism responsible for the liquidity of transferred funds.
  • There is a gateway for digital asses, that is, there is the possibility of managing assets.
  • The simultaneous use of a network for transmitting SMS type “Clearinghouse” (Clearing).
  • The costs of protecting transactions on the network in automatic mode are sent to other chains. The choice of transfer of the transfer is carried out taking into account the increase in the cost of these circuits.
  • There is no need to obtain additional permits for access to the blockchain, and the network itself is scalable.
  • The high -performance of the system tied to the blockchain is determined by an increase in the speed of transmission of information between network users.
  • Lack of inflation risks due to the fact that after the release of 16 billion. Further release coins will stop.

    The story of the creation of Omisego

    Omisego cryptocurrency was created by a large financial company Omisego, founded in 2013 and provides services for financial payments and transfers in Singapore, Thailand, Japan of Iindonia. In the winter of 2017, the company launched a cryptocurrency project based on Ethereum. Due to the fact that this company has a crystal reputation and successfully conducts a business with large Imaly companies, the size of the cost of cryptocurrency is constantly growing. Five years of experience in the field of financial technology guarantees the implementation by the developers of the declared functional in the near future.

    Technical features

    The production algorithm is similar to the cryptocurrency Ethereum (algorithm-dagger-hashimoto)
    Anonymity: the project offers anonymity of transactions.
    Protection level: The project offers decentralized currencies and decentralized token storage.

    The extraction of the Omisego crypto-storm by performing the Proof-OF-Stake algorithm. This mechanism allows you to find a new cryptocurrency block depending on the volume of already found virtualcriptomone (in relation to the total). Thus, the maximum number of coins will receive the one who has acquired a much larger volume of virtual coins. This principle of the system turns such a cryptocurrency with an attractive tool for saving an interesting means of savings, which stimulates a rapid increase in demand from the Mainers.

    To start the extraction of virtual crypto -monetes, it is necessary to register your own wallet, purchase a certain amount of crypto -monotons (the more, the better) and.. Do not turn off the computer. The technological features of mining at the moment allows you to extract, using computing power of a standard personal computer.

    Main settings

    On July 27, ICO was held, as a result of which OMG tokens entered the market.
    The number of coins in circulation today 140 245 398 omget.
    Capitalization at 25.01.2018 = 1 734 590 729 $
    Official website of the project https: // OMG.Omise.Co/.

    Omisego cryptocurrency course

    Omisego cost 26.01.2017 is $ 15.8359. At the moment, there are 102.0 million and the total current sales turnover of $ 91,130,000.

    The main exchanges where Omisego is represented:
    – Binance;
    – Huobi;
    – Bitfinex;
    – Bittrex;
    – Poloniex.
    Cryptocurrency capitalization in 2018 amounted to $ 1, $ 615.

    Ways to obtain and storage


    Omisego has a SDK for a wallet at the moment. This SDK plans to make Omisego implementation more understandable and comfortable, and also supports after integration in order to “take you to the market faster and help you stay ahead”.
    This is a wallet with a white label, which means that companies can use the wallet differently in different fields of activity. Using the advantages of the wallet, user can freely trade and decentralized fiat and digital species of currencies.
    The wallet provides access to the Omise payment gateway, credit and virtual cash card, replenishment by means of meter and direct debit and online.

    With the help of SDK, organizations can initiate new projects or implement the developed applications. SDK can be used to make payments or transfers or to build a loyalty and remuneration program.
    The wallet is based on a distributed open protocol, which simplifies the interaction of different wallets, and helps to realize the entire potential of mobile commerce.
    This wallet is designed with maximum flexibility and is able to bring real benefits.
    Anyone can use the Omisego network (connecting to Ethereum) for various financial transactions.

    ICO project

    During the ICO on June 27, 2017, the Omisego project collected more than 19 million. dollars. On August 9, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Pun announced the Plasma project, which is the basis of the Omisego platform. After placing OMG tokens, capitalization increased 20 times.

    Why is it worth investing in it (from the point of view of developers)?

    Omisego - alternative cryptocurrency created on the basis of Ethereum

    Omisego is a platform designed to conduct transactions based on Ethereum blockchain, which is constantly improving to ensure the safety and anonymity of network users.

    Why is it worth investing in it (from the point of view of the investor)?

    This is an online exchange service, focused on screening and promoting the best cryptocurrencies. The main task is the innovative development of the financial electronic sector of the non -involvement of traditional banking systems.
    Obviously, the company from Singapore has very ambitious ideas that have already attracted many investors and will further contribute to attracting a large volume investment, which of course will affect the cost of OMG token.

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