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Nexus is a cryptocurrency that has a sufficient series of differences from bitcoin – already known all over the world. Show a network without central management, where many people would have the opportunity to make payments with a good level of security and other financial transactions, without worrying that the authorities are watching them – this is the main task of this cryptocurrency.

Nexus cryptocurrency - space technology

According to the official data of Nexus, it was created on September 23, 2014. Despite the fact that modern operating systems develop quite quickly, but with their help it is still impossible to make a full -fledged network for payment without centralization, the founders of this cryptocurrency have stepped much further and presented a shopping space where the capabilities of space communication will be used, which was unique.

Course for 2017

To date, the project is still under development, but despite this, the first serious steps have been taken to the possibility of its implementation. So far, the plans to make sure that the artificially created Cubesat satellite is responsible for the connection without interruptions. The antennas of the space device have power in order to cover almost completely our entire planet. Everyone who will have a desire to use the capabilities of this site will need to engage in installing themselves appropriate. Now the main goal of the creators of Nexus is to develop its unique operating system, behind which the surveillance of the authorities will be impossible.

Nexus cryptocurrency owners can safely cancel the operation at any convenient moment before it is completed – this is one of the noticeable differences from other companies at this stage. This can be clarified by the fact that Nexus has a multi -stage process of translating cryptocurrency, each of these stages has a set of the necessary filters. But besides this, one of the interesting features of this modern currency is that its users will be able to receive a certain percentage from the coins with which they own.

Nexus cryptocurrency mining can be carried out when using the capabilities of the video card and the central processor at the moment. Most likely, if the developers manage to make their plans see the world touching mining and trading their coins using space communication, you will already need to open your release of special video cards, which would help without problems with Nexus. Because in other cases, it will already be necessary to create an operating system that could function with video cards already of any model that are now in circulation.

How does cryptocurrency function?

Nexus is a decentralized global network. It is distributed to 3 safety channels. This is necessary so that transactions are quick, safe and decentralized.

Nexus cryptocurrency - space technology

The restriction of cryptocurrency consensus does not consist only in the vote, which is provided by block production or even nodes. Nodes are based on percentage content. Nexus has network layers, their functioning consists in checking and balancing each other. Such actions are needed with the purpose that one level could not be more powerful than the rest, and does not create a network security blocking.

Safe state of cryptocurrency

Nexus has the possibilities of consensus deterrence and counterweight – in this way the network can be controlled rather distributed, providing a high level of security and making a stable network. Combining cryptocurrency with Quantum Computer by private keys that are stable and have a encryption of 571 bits (security is much more than a bitcoin crypt). Nexus service in relation to World is positioned as the safest type of cryptocurrencies in our time.

Nowadays, the updated data structure is actively developed. It provides the ability to scaling over the network from network units. This is necessary for a better competitive situation, and in order to replace the current systems for financial transactions in the final state. This updated data architecture will provide the possibility of a cryptocurrency network to develop and adapt to the growth of transactions due to how the network is the required. At the moment, the network processing can reach about 5 thousand transactions per second.

Broken lock

Cryptocurrency is engaged in the active structure of relationships in the aerospace area with the aim of compatibility of hardware infrastructure together with its transaction system. Nexus is creating a foundation for translating the order of united blocks, as well as a cryptocurrency space network. Within the hardware infrastructure, which already exists at the moment, the technical submission of the crypta occurs in relation to telecommunications and state technological areas. The development of software is combined with hardware, the desire of such a complex consists in freeing men from centralized finance institutions.

Cryptocurrency roadmap

Nexus does not publish a trial action plan for reviewing by people in order to prevent manipulations by the cost of cryptocurrency. If you provide dates and deadlines, then there will be a feeling of fear of absence (FOMO) when approaching. And there will also be fear with uncertainty and doubts (FUD) in the event of a meeting or omission. Instead, Nexus makes descriptions of visions regarding strategy, updates for the purpose of development, as well as a complex consisting of larger issues called TAO.

The following functions will appear in the future:

  • 3D chain;
  • A more extensive intellectual language of contracts;
  • Portable wallets in iOS and Android systems;
  • User modular interface;
  • Ground and orbital grids.
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