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Kucoin Shares (KCS) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain chain, which can be bought on the exchange or get as a reward. Tokens owners have an access to various bonuses, including income from fees, and minimal dimensions of the commission and other specialized services.

The exchange seeks to offer all the following advantages:

  • System reliability. The system uses encryption and identification of a dynamic type, which ensures the security of the banking level.
  • High degree of performance. It takes only about 2 minutes to process any transaction, and it will take up to 10 minutes to display assets for the withdrawal of assets. Up to 1 million fiat currency orders are processed in one -section.
  • Wallet safety. This parameter is achieved through the use of an autonomous banking cell with depositing funds, as well as with the control of the storage.
  • Discount trade. The exchange provides different types of trade discounts.
  • Joint distribution of income. The exchange lists 90% of the profit to all participants.
  • Mulcularity of the platform. The system offers for exchange all the main cryptocurrencies.
  • The history of the creation of Kucoin

    In May 2017, Kucoin cryptocurrency developers decided to create the R&D command and announced the whole world about their plans – to create an innovative electronic exchange for the exchange of virtual coins. In August, together with professional developers, White Paper and roadmap were prepared.

    Initially, the project started on the territory of China and was called Kubi, but then the company’s assets were moved to Hong Kong.
    The launch of the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange on the international market took place on September 15, 2017. A distinctive feature of the service is that the exchange directs part of its own ownerships of virtual coins. The platform uses Kucoin Shares (KCS) similarly Binance. Profit is transferred to the project participants in proportion and paid daily. The reward of reward is affected by the number of coins in your personal account.

    Technical features

    Kucoin shares or KCS tokens are a cryptocurrency with a total volume of 200 million. They are markers and compatible with ERC20, created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. The creators did not provide for the possibility of puppet mining.

    The company plans to redeem a total of 100 million tokens, which will reduce the total amount of supply to 100 million.

    Main settings

    The number of coins in circulation today 91.0 million KCS.
    Capitalization at 07.02.2018 = 558 999 024 $.
    Official website of the project https: // kucoin.Com/.

    Kucoin Shares Cryptocurrency Cile

    Cost Kucoin for 07.02.2018 is $ 6,1399. At the moment, there is 91.0 million and total current sales turnover of $ 4,590.

    The main exchanges where Kucoin Shares is represented:
    – Binance;
    – Kucoin;
    – Bitfinex;
    – Bittrex;
    – Poloniex.

    Cryptocurrency capitalization in 2018 amounted to more than $ 558 million.

    Ways to obtain and storage


    To store this coin, you can use various types of wallets, in particular cold, online, electronic, hardware, mobile. And also for these purposes, an exchanger is suitable. Most wallets are multicellular and have a translation into Russian. Large amounts are recommended to be placed in “cold”. There are such varieties of wallets that can be downloaded on a PC or smartphone, and there are those that can be purchased on the Internet and connected using a USB port. For prompt exchange and sale of coins on a profitable course of Sheiris, it is better to place Sheiris in exchange wallets.

    ICO project

    Tokens were available for purchase on the KuCoin exchange, the sale of which began on September 2, 2017.
    In total, during the time of the ICO, puppetery emissioned 180 million tokens.

    The initial placement of KCS ICO coins took place in 3 stages. At first, 35% or about 65 million KCS were distributed between developers. For consultants and large investors, another 15% or 25 million KCS were evident. The final stage of sales provided the opportunity to purchase the remaining 50 % of coins or 100 million KCS to all wishes for network users.

    Koina received by the developers are blocked until September 2, 2021. Investors tokens – until September 2, 2019. KCS, distributed during the main part of the campaign, have not been blocked and exchanged on the exchange since September 2, 2017.

    Why is it worth investing in it (from the point of view of developers)?

    The platform functions in more than 10 languages, and the Russian is also present. A team from Ant Financial is working on development and further advance using the technologies that guarantee stable and uninterrupted operation of the system. The multi -level technological architecture of the exchange was created in order to interact with the maximum possible flow of information without technical failures, and reducing the level of performance. Kucoin Shares is actively developing, giving the opportunity to all users to get good profit.

    Why is it worth investing in it (from the point of view of the investor)?

    To date, more than 10 million KCS tokens have been bought and destroyed. In the future, it is planned to leave in free circulation only about 80 million crypto -reptiles. A decrease in the amount of currency on the exchanges will have a positive effect on an increase in market value.

    Tokens owners receive bonuses, a percentage of fees, and discounts on trading operations. This development strategy guarantees an increase in the demand for cryptocurrency Kucoin Shares. Project participants purchasing fiat coins before the rest will receive more income.

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