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HSHARE is a project in which it is possible to combine various blockchains for interaction. Despite the fact that this cryptocurrency appeared relatively recently, after the release of tokens, its capitalization today is $ 1.4 billion, which allowed it to take a place in twenty in this parameter.
This coin operates on a platform that provides for the principles of decentralized management with a public source code. This product is able to combine various blockchains for interaction and any user can carry out various manipulations with HSHARE (buy, sale, exchange) with high safety and confidentiality. The developers sought to create a decentralized platform in which it would be possible to distribute accounting for a full and optimal relationship with other blockchains.

There are several reasons for such popularity and high demand:

Hshare - cryptocurrency with instant transaction confirmation
  • Distributed registration within the blockchain, DAG and acylic schedule. Thanks to this, it is possible to process huge arrays of information.
  • The introduction of Zero Knowledge Proof made it possible to ensure a high level of confidentiality when using cryptographic data encryption. As a result, all information about the transactions made is visible only to those who take part in transactions.
  • The introduction of a hybrid model POS+Pow Open Governance allows users to take a direct part in the development of HSHARE, indicate shortcomings to developers and offer various ideas for improvement.
  • Altcoin holders can operate on their own means online. Decentralization allows users to work without the participation of third parties.
  • The availability of opportunities for operations with HSHARE with the help of public and private addresses, as well as the functionality of the platform.
  • History of occurrence

    Hshare was created by Collin Star Capital, which is part of the financial and technical groups of Australia. The official date of appearance on the market is considered August 20, 2017. Its abbreviated designation is HSR.
    This virtual coin cannot be called independent and independent. It is temporary and will be present in the market until the launch of HCash is launched. For developers, this was actually a forced step, as for creating a unique and competitive cryptocurrency, it takes more time. At the same time, the exchange of HSHARE for a new one can be performed after the new currency exit without prejudice to the holders (1 to 1), although for this you need to invest in a certain temporary range (it will be registered with the developers before the release of the project), otherwise you can really bear losses, up to it. Until the complete loss of coins.

    The principle of work and features of HSHARE

    This platform provides for the hybrid mechanism Proof-off -work/Proof-Of-Stake running DAO. Thanks to this, the developers are trying to attract the maximum number of miners, while encouraging those users who already have this cryptocurrency.
    The time of confirmation of transactions is virtually instantaneous, at least so the developers say. If we compare this parameter with Bitcoin, where operations can last up to 10 minutes, then this makes this cryptocurrency much more attractive.
    The maximum number of coins in HShare is 84 million. Moreover, the principle of their distribution is quite interesting:
    21 million. It will be equally transmitted to miners, validators. The same part will be given to the advertising campaign and be heard on a free basis.
    12.6 million. It will be transferred to investors who invested funds at the initial stage of development (Collin Star, Bixin, Bitangel.Com, What’s Next Tech, Iyes Ventures, Reg, Fintech Blockchain Group, Bitmain).
    4.2 million. reserved for developers and will be divided between them. The same amount will be transferred to the HCash DAO Foundation.

    Hshare - cryptocurrency with instant transaction confirmation

    A characteristic feature of this coin is the combination of two mining algorithms:

  • Pow. At this step, users who take part, compete with each other in solving cryptography by deciphering blocks that cannot include transactions, they are template and carry only information about the address of the award and heading. If the decision is made successful, profit is accrued.
  • POS. After the template was obtained, validators are selected by random order by heading the template. The more currency there are on the account, the higher the chances of getting such a status and signing a new block.
  • All the necessary software-HSHhaRE-pies for storing funds, implementation of transactions, mining, can be found on the official website https: // h.Cash/. The assigned identifier can be compared with the bank card number and it is unique. There are versions not only for computers, but also for mobile OS, in particular iOS. Also, on this resource you can read all the current news, innovations, etc.D.
    For the implementation of the purchase/sale, you need to visit one of the listed exchanges or exchangers:

  • ACX;
  • Allcoin;
  • Neraex;
  • Tradesatoshi.
  • With all its innovative ideas, Hshare has a number of disadvantages. This is primarily due to the fact that this is a transition project to the main one, it tests implemented tools, the features of the platform and taking into account the obtained statistical data, the reviews of these coins to avoid the appearance of negative factors in HCASH.
    Is it worth it to invest in HSHARE? Here opinions were significantly divided between experts. Some believe that this is a fraudulent coin and the main platform will never be released, and the developers will refer to a lot of unresolved problems. Others say that the bulk of the developers live in China, which explains the lack of transparency. In general, the answer to this question can only be obtained after specific actions and refute this or that judgment.

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