EOS cryptocurrency is the chance that cannot be missed if you want to buy altcoins profitably

Incryptico » EOS cryptocurrency is the chance that cannot be missed if you want to buy altcoins profitably
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There are many cryptocurrencies, each has its own ambitions, features, disadvantages. The media is full of articles that digital currency is real gold. People attract her prospects, since the desire to make money is characteristic of every person. Among the whole variety, Bitcoin occupies a leading position, but its price is based in thousands of dollars. Many cannot afford to buy even part of Bitcoin, and are in search of an alternative option.

Recently, a completely new cryptocurrency platform was presented to the world – EOS 2018 cryptocurrency. And before getting to know her better, recall some terms that will be useful to us.

Blockchain – a continuous chain of blocks containing information. Is built according to certain rules and sequence.

Decentralization is the process of redistribution from the central location.

What is EOS

EOS cryptocurrency is a platform that is based on the principle of blockchain. “EOS” was created for diverse scalid decentralized services. It has a technology of etherium and is able to perform many tasks. This operating system is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the development of intellectual business.

This is one of the youngest participants in the market, which began to function in June 2017. It provides the necessary basic functions that include authentication, planning, account permission and database, which gives the developers the opportunity to focus on setting up the application in accordance with their business needs.

Father founder of the EOS project is the famous Dan Larimer, a person who has gained world fame for merits in a crypto currency community who successfully advanced Steemit and Bit Shares. EOS raised a record $ 150 million in just 5 days. So the currency debuted on the Bitfinex exchange, increasing its price by more than 200% in a few hours. Now many cryptomanes ask: is it worth buying EOS?

EOS, apparently, is a direct competitor Ethereum. It promises to be a new operational system of blockchains, faster and more scalable than ether, which will allow users to more effectively create decentralized applications.

The idea of ​​EOS has a clear potential and a place to be, but without a solid stock community, regularly using a coin, it is too early to predict what will happen in the near future. At the moment, we expect an EOS cryptocurrency course will continue to grow and fall, which can provide some opportunities.

What is the difference between EOS?

  • Zero cost. The first feature that attracted universal attention is to eliminate transaction fees. This became possible thanks to the property model that allows users to use resources proportional to the rate that they hold, and not pay for each transaction. This means that if you own 5% of the network, you have the right to 5% of the bandwidth and network storage. This makes the EOS platform.IO ideal for the development of Freemium applications, since the developers of decentralized applications are necessary only to maintain a certain number of shares required by their applications. Then they can charge a fee from users for monetizing their application.
  • Flexibility. The EOS platform has been developed to use the advantages of the weaknesses of competing networks, such as Ethereum, in which the breakdown in one application violates others. With EOS, if the application fails, it is frozen until the error is corrected by selected block manufacturers, which then update the code. Flexibility also applies to the application of applications, since you can run certain parts of the required application at a certain time. If, for example, your application offers e -commerce and has opportunities on social networks, you can allow the local unit to process data only on social networks at a certain time.
  • EOS is an unproven platform. The team standing behind it is quite capable and respected, with such as Dan Larimer, EOS of cryptocurrencies has a promising future. The infrastructure is still developing, so this cryptocurrency must be monitored. For supporters of risky games, this is a great opportunity to become part of the early stages of cryptocurrency.
  • Features and disadvantages of cryptocurrency EOS

    The composition of the developer team is the main reason to pay attention to this crypt. They gained worldwide recognition and proved their professionalism, creating POS algorithms and independent structures. But there is another side of the coin, and it consists in the character of Dan Larimer. Despite the fact that he is a veteran of the crypto industry, there were cases when he left the project without completing the matter until the end.

    Other no less important nuances include:

  • The developers did not demonstrate the working platform, the surrounding only hears endless promises.
  • All finances are disposed of developers, without reporting to investors.
  • “Air” not wanting to leave the leading pedestal, gradually begins to switch to a more innovative system.
  • EOS cryptocurrency course is unstable.
  • There are no principles of independence. The entire internal mechanism is at the disposal of a small circle of people.
  • The irony is that most platforms with impeccable reputation also have the listed shortcomings.


    EOS 2018 cryptocurrency forecast – optimistic. Given its low cost, you can purchase several pieces, since there is a chance of sharp global growth. You will spend a slight amount in this investment, and with the active development of the currency, your fee will grow several times. Remember that a few years ago, Bitcoin cost 2 dollars.

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