Emercoin – unique cryptocurrency at once with two types of generation

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Emercoin – unique cryptocurrency at once with two types of generation. It surpasses many competitors, having special technical solutions. This fact proves on January 14: most of the quotes of cryptorrhniks began to fall rapidly, while the EMC broke their historical maximum. The rate jumped to 10.01 dollars. Four days later, the largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEX announced the support of this coin. 

Emercoin - unique cryptocurrency at once with two types of generation


She performs two functions at once: she can process operations and engage in mining coin. The uniqueness of the system is that to hack it a fraudster will need more than 50 percent of the capacity. It is also necessary to own the same amount of the total amount of coins, saving them for more than 30 days in your account. No one can do this, so cryptocurrency will always remain safe. 

Among other features, they distinguish:

  • Anonymous operations. The P2P system is used, which does not allow hackers to intercept any information, including encryption packages. 
  • Combination of digital currency. This allows customers around the world to take part in completely different transactions. In this case, the rapid time processing time and their low cost will be maintained. 
  • Too high level of protection. Hack the user account and withdraw all the money from it even no one can try. This is a significant advantage of Emercoin, but users do not have the opportunity to restore their password. If you lose the code, go into the system, manage or withdraw money, you will be lost, access will be lost forever. The lack of the ability to restore the password brings inconvenience to users, but your money will always be safe. 
  • High level of security and convenient receiving payments helps to ahead of other large cryptocurrencies. Such features partially explain the growth of EMC when the course of other coins began to go down rapidly. Emercoin is an excellent solution for personal use and implementation in business in all developed countries of the world. 

    History of occurrence

    Cryptocurrency cannot be called a beginner in this market, its release occurred at the end of 2013. In addition to the first version, the creators held an advertising company, talking about a coin in various thematic communities. This helped to attract attention from the owners of various organizations, but the developers were in no hurry to improve the system. Until February 2014 there was no development. 
    It was in the winter of this year that the creators actively took up the modernization of cryptocurrency. Let’s highlight the main points in the development history of Emercoin:

  • February 11, 2014. A payment project was implemented for the possibility of quick payment by emergions for sponsorship funds. November 4 – output of the new version of the payment project – 0.3.0. A distributed data storage was added. This made it possible to improve the entire system by introducing an alternative DNS. 
  • November 30, 2015. The first attack of hackers on the system was carried out. Emercoins inherited from Ppcoin vulnerability, which gave fraudsters the opportunity to create a side branch of the chain of cryptocoblins. Until December 1, part of the nodes served this network. At the beginning of the month, the vulnerability was eliminated, and the developers have significantly improved work technology. 
  • January 4, 2016. Partnership announcement with Microsoft Azure Baas. Version 0 was released in the summer.5.0. February 13, developers presented version 0.6.0. Safety was improved, the possibility of joint mining with Bitcoin was added. On May 4, EMC 0 came out.6.2. The elimination of centralization elements occurred, adding an exchange service. On August 29, version 0 was implemented.6.3. The developers reduced 100 times a commission for transactions.
  • This is the latest version of the system, but the overall development continues. This allows EMC to avoid sharp falls, showing exclusively the growth of the course of coins. 


    Cryptocurrency has general technical characteristics that you can study in the table:
    Principle of operation
    Smart contracts
    Smart contracts for tracking and managing changes in the main documents will be tested in the future. 
    The P2P system is used, which is able to prevent interception of information. 
    The level of protection
    After improving the security system, it is impossible to hack EMC. 
    DDOS protection
    There is. 
    In 2016, joint mining with the largest cryptocurrency was organized – Bitcoin. It has two mining methods at once: Proof-Of-Stake and Proof of Work.
    What type of Proof or Proof-Os uses?
    Uses POS and Pow, the emphasis is on first.  
    In 2016, Emercoin, together with the OpenLeDger platform, expanded user capabilities. Now they can create tokens tied to gold. 
    The maximum possible number of coins
    1 billion. 
    Capitalization for today
    Market capitalization is 128.814.064 dollars.
    Cost for today
    3.12 dollars.
    You can use a native Kryptocurrency wallet or JAXX, which collaborates with emercoin. 
    When starting
    December 2013.
    Where to buy/sell?
    You can buy/sell coins on two large exchanges: HitbTC and Livecoin.

    Emercoin cryptocurrency have unique protection. The use of two methods of mining simultaneously will significantly expand the capabilities of any kind of business. Already, developers are trying to actively introduce a coin into the usual life of people. Cases of use of EMC were recorded. For example, in Russia, farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov uses cryptocurrency to calculate customers. 

    Emercoin - unique cryptocurrency at once with two types of generation

    Course for 2017

    Minimum – January 1, 2017, was 0.15 dollars per coin.
    Maximum – January 14, 2018, cryptocurrency began to grow sharply, 10.01 dollars per coin. 
    Experts were struck by the sharp growth of Emercoin at the end of the year. Unlike other coins, which showed the fall in early 2018, EMC, on the contrary, continued to grow. Such growth is associated with the modernization of the system, possible ambulance by the new version and implementation in the main spheres of human life. Now the cost has fallen again, but with such a development it can be assumed that the coin will again show a sharp increase.

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