How to get free bitcoin in 2024? Cryptocurrency without investments

Incryptico » How to get free bitcoin in 2024? Cryptocurrency without investments

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular have a bright future, and its value in 2022 is not the limit. Therefore, it is certainly necessary to acquire a new type of currency. But what if there is no free capital to buy bitcoin? The answer is simple – earn it for free. In this article, we have collected the main ways to get cryptocurrency without investments. It is worth noting that you should not expect huge incomes from them in the shortest possible time, but if you have a desire to try both a computer or a mobile phone, then this article is for you.

Since the field of cryptocurrency, like no other, is associated with the likelihood of falling into a scam (deception), then for each service the statistics of reviews from the site will be given , and sites with a bad reputation were screened out and were not included in this article at all. Inside the headings, all services are listed in the order of our recommendations — the higher a site is on our list, the more attention it deserves.

At the moment, there are services for earning bitcoins using crypto faucets , cloud mining , distributing (selling) your Internet traffic ,  playing games to earning money and watching ads (we do not recommend the latter, because the functionality of these services is inferior to other sites from this article – earnings on viewing ads is possible in most crypto faucets).

If you already have initial capital, then due to the high mobility of cryptocurrency rates, it may be advisable to simply buy bitcoin while its price is reduced relative to past values. Nevertheless, the use of free methods for obtaining cryptocurrency is a rather long way and for very painstaking people. In the meantime, the rate can grow by 10% or more in a day, bringing the corresponding profit to coin holders. But it may also decrease. 


We tried to collect the most relevant options for free earnings of cryptocurrency in general and bitcoin in particular. Remember that you should not create more than one account on one service, and it is advisable to come up with unique passwords for each of them. And don’t forget about the VPN ban either. And so, if you follow the rules of the sites, then thanks to these services, it will not be difficult to earn cryptocurrency. True, this may take some time. Good luck in this field.