Digixdao cryptocurrency – worth its weight in gold

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Digixdao cryptocurrency - worth its weight in gold

Ethereum blockchain is one of the most protected sites. It is on its basis that Digixdao cryptocurrency operates, otherwise – DGD, which causes so many disputes and disagreements. Today, this is almost the only digital currency that has real assets under it. The cost of the Digixdao token is supported by a similar amount of gold, and users control the payment system itself. DGD is recognized by experts such as Vitalik Buterin, Arthur Falls, Alex Van de Sande: many national currencies do not have such provision and autonomy.

History of occurrence

Digixdao autonomous payment system is the brainchild of the Singapore trading company Digix Global. Decentralized management was originally embedded in the system, the date of creation of which is considered March 2016. It was then, during the ICO, more than 465,000 ETH was sold. The success of the project was to invest in real gold, which is stored in Singapore, and DGD cryptocurrency is its digital analogue. The Ethereum Hard-Form has increased the stocks of DJ Global-the approximate cost of tokens (ETC and ETH) is about 45 million dollars. The popularity of the project can be evaluated really – “digitized gold” in two years increased the value of assets 9 times – the first auction collected about 5.5 million in terms of American dollars.

Features of a decentralized scheme

The smart contract for Digixdao was written by the Singapore company Digixglobal and although the financial commission does not recognize the tokens securities, they are analogues of the shares. Dijik Tao works as a platform on the Ethereum platform, transferring assets to Blackchain. In our case, buying Digixdao tokens, we acquire a cryptocurrency that has a cost proportional to one ounce of gold.

DG company invests this money in real precious metall. Token confirming information about the number of our digital savings can be sold or changed. The option of obtaining gold is also provided – in this case, it will have to be taken independently from Singapore. The commission for the storage of precious metals is 0.39% per year from the cost.

DGD cryptocurrency not only confirms the rights of tokens holders to a certain amount of gold – their owners have the right to certain dividends. To calculate remuneration, the commission is summed up from the activities of the exchange for the year. The resulting figure is divided into two million.

Digixdao cryptocurrency - worth its weight in gold

Advantages of Digixdao cryptocurrency:

  • the ability to sell and change anywhere in the globe;
  • Simplified purchase of gold;
  • simplicity and reliability of transfer of ownership;
  • autonomy of the system;
  • The principle of corporatization;
  • Low possibility of theft subject to safety.
  • Features of tokens

    Digixdao, being a decentralized digital currency, has an open source code. Two different tokens are used to digitize real gold to the platform of the autonomous organization: DGD and DGX. The security and correct operations of the initial system are responsible for the safety and correctness – Ethereum blockchain ensures reliable storage of all data.

    The only case of hacking in 2017 touched a little more than three dozen addresses storing DGD – they were all unclaimed since the ICO. The reason for this was the error of the smart contract Crowdsale Dijiks. The error was promptly fixed. The theft practically did not affect the market of the crypts – in comparison with similar thefts, the hack Digixdao brought minor losses.

    The DJIC system is built at the work of two cryptocurrencies:

  • DGD replaces shares and shares, and gives the right to participate in the management of the company by voting and receiving remuneration at the expense of commissions on transactions carried out. The acquisition of these tokens is possible only at the start of the campaign – within the framework of the past ICO. Now DGD tokens are buying only from the first participants.
  • DGX – confirms the ownership of the investor on physical gold and stores data on the mass of precious metalla – one coin is equal to one ounce. It is planned that the amount of DGX will decrease over time.
  • Coins are sold, bought and transferred to other participants. For transactions, a commission is provided, and only DGD tokens are used for its payment. Physical gold is sold for bitcoins on the platform website, after the delivery of which in the storage, DJIC accrues the investor of the DGX coin.

    The maximum possible number of DGD tokens is 2 million – this is how many coins are released and implemented when the campaign is opened. Smart contracts of gold DGX and managerial DAOs work on the main blockchain of the Ethereum. Project profit is a commission for various operations. DGD owners also brings participation in DJIC DGD, making proposals for management and voting for them.

    At the same time, only those participants who take part and send their DGD to the contract have the right to profit. When returning to them, profit in the form of DGX is added. The capitalization of Digixdao cryptocurrency by the beginning of 2018 amounted to $ 475 002,000 USD
    And the volume of trading $ 23 045 700 USD . The content of the official site https: // digix.Global is published in English and Chinese.
    How and where to buy or sell digixdao?

    Digixdao for most exchanges is traded in pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum and Tether. Active bidding go on cryptocurrency sites:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Liqui
  • OKEX
  • Hitbtc
  • Etherdelta
  • Huobi
  • Liqui platform allows you to buy and sell “gold” tokens for an analogue of the American dollar – Tether crypt. And the largest sales are noted in the first two exchanges from the list.

    If you want to buy Digixdao – pay attention to the turnover of the site. The higher it is, the more chances you have to buy the right number of coins. Today it is impossible to purchase a DGD crypt for rubles, euro or other types of currencies – only for BTC or ETH. DGX tokens for the most part are traded for BTC. Buying Dijiksdao takes place on exchanges in standard mode. If there are no Bitcoin and Ethereum, you will have to buy them on another crypto platform, transfer to the aforementioned platforms and trade DGD.

    Storing Digixdao cryptocurrency is convenient on the exchange and in wallets – as a rule, users themselves make the choice depending on their level of technical fitness. As an option, you can offer a popular multifunctional multi -platform product – JAXX. It allows you to work with cryptocurrencies such as: Digixdao, Ethereum, Bitcoin and more than 10 cryptocurrencies. The platforms with which Jaxx integrates:

    A little statistics

    According to independent users, one of their main arguments for DGD is support from the Ethereum. The dynamics of development is relatively flat, without sharp jumps. The beginning of 2018 was marked by persistent growth. For 2017, the lowest price in US dollars was marked on March 19 and amounted to 9.38 USD. The raises of the increase fell on the fall and winter:

    November 27 – 150.80 USD:

    December 19 – 201,29 USD;

    December 31 – 151.02 USD.

    For all the oddity of the Digixdao project, there is an opportunity to make sure that your actual gold is present in the safes of DJiks. At any time it can be taken on your own in exchange for tokens or order an audit. An independent audit company for a fee will provide you with a full report on the conformity of gold reserves.

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