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Dash – history, course, prospects

In many IT media in 2017, the Dash cryptocurrency and the platform of the same name developed by Evan Duffield and his colleagues are regularly mentioned. It appeared three years ago, in January 2014. In the wake of the popularization of blockchain, the mass release of tokens, this event remained unnoticed by the townsfolk, who are not interested in something except the three main players of the crypto market-Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin.

Initially, the payment system was called XCO, then Darkcoin. The final option appeared a year after the release of the platform. Like competitors, the principle of decentralization is used, and the issue is limited and annually reduced by 7%.

Dash - cryptocurrency that grows steadily

How did it all begin?

Daffield is not like an ordinary businessman in the community. He began, as an active supporter of Bitcoin, but saw in his algorithms and principles of work the shortcomings that he reported to the developers. In particular, Satoshi sent a number of projects for anonymization, but they were not accepted, referring to the invariability of the system. Rejected developments did not disappear. They fell into the concept of Altcoin, which is included in the top of the most popular in the world.

However, the start is difficult to call light and successful. As a result of a system error, in the first two days, Dash cryptocurrency mining was more than a third of volume (1.9 million.). The essence of the problem was reduced to the erroneous calculation of complexity, due to which the platform users received more rewards than they should.

How mining occurs?

Now you can get coins using the capacities of central processors and video adapters. The second option is almost half less costly for energy consumption and heat dissipation. Rumors are actively going on that soon the production will switch to the ASIC-Mainers.

The complexity is regulated using the mechanism called DarkGravitywave, and the reward calculated by a complex formula is now about 6 coins for each block.

The used hash algorithm contains 11 components, the honor of which is called x11. To hack the system, you need to hack everyone. But during this time, developers will find unauthorized actions and replace all the functions to which the attackers gained access.

Only forward. Course in 2017

In fact, this is the ideological successor of the BTC, but offering users more reliable protection and honest distribution of remuneration between miners. Wallets, like Bitcoin, have several types (more details).

By December 2017, the developers team managed to achieve impressive successes. If in January the Dash cryptocurrency exchange rate was a little more than $ 11, then on the evening of December 26 it reached $ 1171. Incredible success and rapid growth led to the fact that in early autumn it was possible to achieve $ 2 capitalization.5 billion. Support was provided by the largest exchanges in the Kraken level.

Growth of cryptocurrency Dash

Even the fall that occurred on December 22 did not reduce the interest of buyers. To predict how these figures will change in the first quarter of 2018, even well -known experts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency traders do not take.

Wallets for dash

Dash cryptocurrency storage is possible in hardware, mobile and desktop wallets. If you plan to buy and store purchased coins, it is proposed to download software for standard or portable HDD. This is the safest method. In fact, your assets do not face anything but broken sectors on a hard drive. If you do not trust cryptographic protection, keep the disk away, connecting it only during transactions. All keys are stored on home PC.

The choice is offered three options for:

  • Trezor;
  • Keepkey;
  • Ledger Nano S.
  • All of them are suitable for storing several popular types of crypts, have an intuitive interface, provide a high level of reliability.

    If you prefer to work with mobile gadgets, there are three options for Google Android and two for iOS if you prefer Apple smartphones and tablets.

    Most of all the choice for desktops. Three on 64-bit Windows, two on 32-bit, three for mac users and several options for Linux. There is even a separate version for Raspberry Pi2.

    There is even an option for storing data on paper. One of the most reliable ways for long -term prospects. The developers compare it with the bearer cash checks.

    Causes of popularity

    There were many problems with BTC, whose apotheosis was a logical fork that gave rise to Bitcoin cache. Many in the community chose the latter, others looked towards promising altcoins. In this regard, Dash is cryptocurrency, the forecasts for the growth of which were always seen positive. Expectations of analysts were justified faster than they assumed.

    She is more interesting for miners. It is extremely simple to buy a small percentage of the population on ASIC. The energy consumption is great, the payback fell. Dash has no problem.

    Security is ensured by the use of several cryptography algorithms instead of one. Individual parts for which the amount are crushed are anonymized, it becomes impossible to track the transaction. Mixing technology is used, the effectiveness of which is growing with an increase in the number of users. Masternodes performing the mixing function limit the release of new coins.

    The prospects of the near future

    If you have Dash cryptocurrency, the forecast of 2018 is favorable. The course will grow, although not without logical kickbacks.

    Some positive features distinguish this currency against the background of analogues. Often the principle of decentralized control in the Dash environment is called digital democracy. Each decision is made together, and any user can put a proposal for a general vote.

    Dash - cryptocurrency that grows steadily

    Interest is growing in parallel to the fear of Bitcoin instability and the desire of people to get a large degree of security from tax authorities and officials trying to control any income and trade.

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