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IConomi (ICN) – decentralized cryptocurrency, as well as a trading platform, promising investors, superprofit. For protection, the Proof-OF-Work system is used, known among tokens built on Ethereum. The coin is a kind of access to the functionality of the site and the payment of commission fees. The developers say that participation in such a project and buying ICN is a profitable offer. At the time of the ICO, 6 million dollars were raised, which indicates the prospects and further development of cryptocurrency. The main advantages include new financial instruments and distinctive features:

  • Building a market or Index Fund. The possibility of forecasting the most probable development of the cryptocurrency market;
  • Light and simple exchange control. Professionals will be able to easily observe the state of their assets;
  • Search for profitable offers in real time. So, investments will really work
  • Regarding cryptocurrencies, such advantages can be distinguished:

  • Complete anonymity. Using a special anonymizer Tor, you can hide your IP address. The system to change the “location” of the user;
  • High safety. Due to the fact that its own exchange platform is used, all transactions are carried out only through it. It is also possible to buy through other resources, if necessary;
  • Community support. The project is constantly developing, new opportunities are added;
  • Decentralization. Despite the fact that the currency depends on investors, management is carried out only within the framework of one exchange.
  • Due to the fact that the number of coins is limited and was released only within the framework of the ICO, held in 2016.

    History of creation

    The sale of tokens was started in 2016, when it was first reported about the launch of ICO. Information regarding the first developments is hidden even on the official resource, so it is difficult to know in detail about the initial developments. The project was created as a special site where investors and managers could “meet”. A similar development mechanism was implemented as part of the Iconomi blockchain system, while the Ethereum cryptocurrency was taken as the basis.

    Almost at the end of 2017, the developers summed up, where they reported on the further development and successes that were achieved during the year of work. In August 2017, the platform was opened to the public, not just investors. Users could buy and exchange currency as part of the Iconomi exchange, where ICN, as well as other similar. In accordance with official data, 119,787,279 US dollars were raised over the year and more than 28,268 users were attracted.

    In relation to the new, 2018, the company’s company said that she did not intend to stop there. The plans are to conduct a “thin thread” between the old and the new economy.


    The project is quite promising, now 99,788,314 tokens are in circulation. The cryptocurrency will not work, because the system of it is built on purchase and sale on exchanges. The main purpose is for investors and their managers, which can be understood by DAA. To confirm transactions, the POW system is used, which ensures high security and the reliability of the network.

    At the moment, all tokens are in circulation, so you can purchase currency on one of the trading platforms or use the internal exchange. The easiest way is to purchase for Bitcoin and Ethereum, since trading is carried out according to the indicated couples.

    Work algorithm


    Smart contracts



    High, hiding IP




    there is

    What type of Proof or Proof-Os uses




    Number of coins in circulation today

    99,788,314 ICN

    The maximum possible number

    99,788,314 ICN

    Official site

    https: // www.Iconomi.Net/

    When the project started

    September 30, 2016

    Exchange where you can buy



    DAA - icn site and cryptocurrency






        Tux Exchange

    The benefit, from the point of view of the investor: Iconomi is a completely new financial project in a decentralized economy. On the part of the warehouse, this is an opportunity to increase their funds and get in excess of the established cost.

    Why is it worth paying attention: the platform received improved tools for work, the ability to independently manage assets. Participants are guaranteed to receive low volatility with the calculation of increased profits.

    Road map

    In the first quarter of 2016, the idea of ​​creating a project was published. A little later, the exchange was launched and Whitelist was created. The launch of the ICO itself was scheduled for August 2016. In 2017, its own platform and access to the public were launched.

    ICN cryptocurrency course

    At the time of 2018, the capitalization amounted to 233,600 452 USD. The period from 2017 to 2018 was marked by take -offs or falls. Now, you can purchase currency on the aforementioned exchanges (Hitbtc, Mercatox, Kraken)

    Schedule for the period 2017-2018..

    DAA - icn site and cryptocurrency

    As you can see, in July the cost reached the highest indicator – 4, 92 USD. The minimum was observed in January, where the price was 0, 31 USD. The currency is gradually rising in value, and according to the forecasters, it can be expected to expect its serious rise in 2018.

    Schedule for the entire period

    Currently ranks 95th among all cryptocurrencies. Shows a high tendency to growth, which makes it a successful project for investing. However, managers management and the uniformity of functionality can cause some suspicions among future investors. With the growth, the popularity of the platform is growing interest in it, which means that the currency is strengthened among everyone else.

    Buying at a low cost is a great idea how to increase your income. Soon IConomi lift you can soon, as the developers themselves reported on the official website. It remains only to wait for her growth among foolish cryptocurrencies.

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