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Komodo cryptocurrency was formed with an fork zcash. With its help, the creators increased the anonymity and security of the network, as well as introduced smart contacts. The features of Comodo are the DPOW algorithm and the deferred evidence of the work. All transactions are protected by ZK-Snarks technology. Its capabilities allow you to hide both the sender of funds and their recipient. The developers managed to create reliable protection and “tame” the bitcoin network for their work. Comodo cryptocurrency can be used as a payment gateway for popular cryptocurrencies. Its token is altcoin KMD.

Features of KMD

The creator of this fork is JL777. This is the nickname of a person who does not want to advertise himself. It is known that he took part in the creation of NXT and received the approval of the cryptor -workers community for his work. In addition to him, the team includes 30 people, many of whom have already been noted when working on well -known products.

JL777 in 2014 created Supernet. This is a decentralized platform of developers and was based. Which at one time was the forcom Bitcoin.

Unlike most altcoins the first 20-ki, Komodo works on its own platform, which allows it to be considered as a serious financial tool. The features of this platform are the possibility of transparent, but anonymous payments.

This cryptocurrency attractive for investors is made by several more criteria:

  • It is considered one of the safest and most anonymous digital currencies in the world
  • Has its own technology evidence of the work of Delayed Proof of Work
  • The work of Komodo is based on “notarial nodes”. They allow you to display information from the blockchain of this cryptocurrency to the Bitcoin blockchain. Moreover, the attackers cannot wedge into this conclusion of information.

    Thanks to the use of the Bitcoin network, the safety of this platform increases and the value of the first cryptocurrency ecosystem increases.

    The creators of Komodo integrated another technology into their platform – Atomic Swap. It allows you to exchange tokens of various cryptocurrencies without involving third parties. And the legitimacy of such exchanges is monitored by Hashed Timelock – Contacts.

    What is the dpow algorithm?

    Comodo is the first cryptocurrency that uses the dpow algorithm in its work. He uses two levels of transaction confirmation:

  • ESTENT in the blockchain data of Pow Consissus
  • Using notarial nodes
  • Notarial nodes are 64 nodes selected by voting and used to record the data of the Komodo blockchain into the blockchain bitcoin.

    Two -level transactions protection is a great opportunity to protect your translations from hacker attacks. But the main success of Komodo is that this platform is able to provide such protection for most popular cryptocurrencies.

    Characteristics of Komodo cryptocurrency

    The developers of this platform allow the owners of KMD tokens to participate in solving important issues by voting. The platform makes translations using minor commissions. Which allows her to be very popular and in demand in the modern financial world.

    All KMD holders receive 5% per annum. True with a reservation that tokens should be used. But you can always translate part of your coins from one wallet to another. Thereby fulfilling the conditions for accruing annual interest.

    Cryptocurrency Komodo - Fork Zcash

    Technical characteristics of cryptocurrency:

  • Algorithm: Equihash
  • Smart Contracts: notarial nodes
  • Anonymity: very high
  • Mining: CPU and GPU
  • What type of Proof or Proof-Os uses: dpow
  • Tokens: KMD
  • The number of coins in circulation for today: 103639254.0 KMD
  • The maximum possible number of coins: 103639254.0 KMD
  • Capitalization for today: $ 603,023,979
  • Cost for today: $ 5.81849
  • Site: https: // komodoplatform.Com/
  • When starting: 27.08.2016
  • The main exchanges are represented
  • Exmo
  • Binance
  • Yobit*
  • The number of exchanges selling the KMD token is constantly replenished.
  • Cryptocurrency course

    ICO Komodo took place at the very end of 2016. The developers managed to raise more than $ 2 million. More than 100 million coins were produced for these funds. 90% of which were dispersed by ICO participants. The remaining coins are used to award miners and pay for annual interest.

    The price of the KMD token quickly took off three times:

  • In June 2017 after the presentation of the platform
  • In September 2017, after announcing a partnership with Monaize
  • In December 2017, after the rapid growth of all cryptocurrencies
  • Today, the cost of the KMD token somewhat fell against the backdrop of the entire departure of the cryptocurrency market in the red zone after the announcement of the hard regulation of digital money in many Asian countries. Primarily in China and South Korea. But the creation of a partnership with Dico and other developers’ plans can significantly raise the cost of token.

    Cryptocurrency Komodo - Fork Zcash

    Ways to obtain and storage

    You can buy KMD token on the above exchanges. The optimal site for purchases of this altcoin is Binance. It is best to buy kmd for bitcoins. After buying tokens, they can be taken to your wallets.

    The best place for Komodo cryptocurrency is the AGAMA wallet. It was developed by the Supernet team, which is the developer of the KMD token token. Alternative wallets are:

  • Command Line Interface
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Conclusion

    Komodo platform today makes you attention. It has many features that allow you to consider it a new generation cryptocurrency. It is worth noting a decentralized ICO technology, a multifunctional exchanger and notarial nodes integrated in Komodo. All this makes this cryptocurrency one of the most promising today. Whether the developers of this product will be able to realize all their ideas, we will see very soon. If this happens, then the Komodo cryptocurrency will burst into the top 5 altcoin. So it will grow its capitalization and course kmd. The first events planned by the developers of the platform for this year will be held in the spring.

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