Cryptocurrency GXSHARES is a reliable and safe way to transfer data.

Incryptico » Cryptocurrency GXSHARES is a reliable and safe way to transfer data.
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GXSHARES is a decentralized service based on Blockchain and designed to transmit information between several nodes at the same time. Cryptocurrency was created in order to satisfy the need of users in a reliable and safe way to transmit data.

GXSHARES is a currency for mass use. In particular, both ordinary users and companies can perform operations with it. The department responsible for conducting scientific and technical developments in China included cryptocurrency in the register of the latest developments. This is due to the fact that GXS meets the requirements of security and anonymity and enables users to transmit information without risk of leakage or data loss.

The history of the appearance of cryptocurrency and development prospects

GXS cryptocurrency was created by the Chinese company Hangzhou Credit Data Technology in 2016. Its creators include a community of specialists from the field of software development, blockchain and Internet financial technologies.

According to the developers, when all the planned work on modernization of the platform will be completed, it will be able to compete with the largest digital currencies. Today, GXS offers users anonymity of transactions and copyright protection. GXSHARES tokens perform the functions of the fixed asset inside the platform, and its rate is about 3 dollars.

GXS tokens are the main currency of the platform and provide users with access to the main tools.
The release of coins was as follows: investors bought a fixed number of coins released by one -time emission.
In a short time, the company managed to collect a sufficient amount of money for the release of 100 million tokens: some of them belong to investors, and part in the reserve fund. About 40 million GXS are in circulation.
Cryptocurrency cannot be obtained through mining, since all coins have already been released.
To date, Hangzhou Credit Data Technology is developing several blockchain projects. Over the next few years, cryptocurrency will be improved, as well as introduced into various areas of business and everyday life of people. The success of the project is guaranteed by the fact that the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC became interested in it, by introducing GXS to the register of the latest developments.

The reasons for the appearance of GXSHARES

With the popularization of digital currencies, people around the world began to open cryptocurrencies, mine, buy and sell cryptocurrency, exchange it for goods. But success is only one side of the coin. Along with popularity, the number of hacker attacks that entailed not only the loss of personal data and confidential information, but also the theft of significant monetary amounts.

Cryptocurrency GXSHARES is a reliable and safe way to transfer data.

Software developers do not have time for modern market development trends. In this connection, the financial environment of the Internet does not have a sufficient level of security. This problem concerns not only large organizations, but also ordinary people included in the cryptocurrency community.

The GXSHARES decentralized platform with the function of “Professions Protection” was created for anonymous exchange of information and copyright protection. Since the launch of cryptocurrency, it has gained great popularity around the world, having reached capitalization of more than $ 100 million (about 40 million tokens are in circulation). The work of the GXSHARES platform is based on the technology of block chains, through which decentralization, safety of transactions and the possibility of rapidly checking information are ensured.


Working on the base of the blockchain, GXS provides complete anonymity when performing transactions and storing data. Users do not need to indicate personal data to third parties, however, in order to avoid violation of intellectual property rights, they must be authorized on the platform. The contingent of users here is quite wide: from ordinary people and large companies to credit and financial organizations, insurance funds and state institutions.

Cryptocurrency GXSHARES is a reliable and safe way to transfer data.

After the user has entered certain information, he will not be able to delete it or edit it. This function was introduced so that the platform contains only reliable data. Among the main characteristics of the currency:

Transactions can only be carried out after confirming the personality of the information owner. The check is carried out through the GXB DAPP software interface, which was created specifically for GXS cryptocurrency.
The platform can function on all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS).
Cryptocurrencies do not have any administrative centers, storage and processing servers and other tools designed to control and monitor users.
GXSHARES operates on the basis of its own GXCHAIN ​​network, built according to certain rules and is a continuous sequential chain of blocks. Blockchain-network GXCHAIN ​​is a public chain, and its main function is to provide the GXS data block channel. With its help, the company can create fully decentralized applications. In the future, Hangzhou Credit Data Technology plans to expand the capabilities of the Blockchain network so that other companies can develop its own software on its basis.

Where you can buy GXS tokens

GXSHARES tokens are traded on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bit-Z and Binance. They support exclusively paired bidding and cannot be sold for fiducial means. GXS can be exchanged exclusively for bitcoin and etherium. Keep a currency on an official wallet. To use it, you must go to the official channel of the company and register. The platform also provides users with various tools to perform metabolic operations.

GXS course

In general, the cryptocurrency GXSHARES shows a fairly good growth.

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