Buying bitcoins is profitable: myth or reality?

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The hysteria around cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum. If earlier information about them appeared only on suspicious sites, today the entire Internet is full of this “miracle gold”, and TV channels add fuel to the fire. Even if you do not have an economic education, it is easy to guess that cryptocurrency today is a profitable investment. Its rate is growing intensively, and it is very interesting: first, the cost drops by 20%, and after a few days it increases by 40% and keeps the bar.

The desire to make money is inherent in every adequate, modern person, and many are interested in the question of how profitable it is to buy bitcoins for rubles? Not many people undertake this business, because there is still a risk. The lottery is that bitcoin has been actively rising and valued more and more for three years. If back in 2009, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who first generated bitcoin, released 50 coins worth a couple of tens of cents into the world, then at the time of this writing, the cue ball costs 18 thousand dollars. Most people will always remain conservative, and the fact that there is no trust in cryptocurrencies is understandable. The irony lies in the fact that in his book, Satoshi assumed the full introduction of cryptocurrencies into the world, and the main one would be bitcoin.

Many famous personalities, on social networks and at conferences, claim that btc has huge potential, and its value will increase by $1 million by 2020. To invest 18 thousand, and to get dozens of times more attracts ordinary people, and many try to buy bitcoin as profitably as possible.

What do you need to have

You must have an online wallet open. It is created free of charge in order to transfer electronic money to it. One of the most frequently visited internet wallets is ” blockchain “. It takes no more than 5 minutes to create, just fill out the form, verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email. There are other equally reliable wallets in which your bitcoins or other currency will be securely stored: ” Multibit “, ” Electrum “. Some exchanges offer users their wallets, they are identical to multibit, electrum, blockchain.

Choose an exchange

You can buy bitcoins profitably on exchanges. The largest and one of the oldest – “ Bitsamp ” has proven itself well . Its key factor is stability and the availability of a license in Luxembourg. The site has customer support in more than 25 countries that resolve contentious issues in the direction of users. The founders actively give interviews, communicate with the press, and are public figures.

It is quite simple to replenish an account here, using a bank card or by transfer from a bank. Previously, the exchange did not provide services to Russian citizens, but by expanding partners, the functionality became available to us.

In order to buy bitcoin as cheaply as possible, we recommend that you carry out operations starting from one thousand dollars. Especially the site is suitable for those who want to buy a whole or several cue balls. The commission will be 0.4%, and if we are talking about a small amount, then 0.6%.

We present a list of exchanges that have proven themselves well over the period of their existence.


The world’s largest bitcoin broker, where you can buy bitcoins cheaper than in other sites. The organization provides a simple and convenient opportunity to purchase btc at current prices. The technical support that is provided for customers from 25 countries, including Russia, is pleasantly surprising.

Payment methods are wide: via SEPA transfer, via bank card, as well as debit and credit. Using this exchange, transfers occur instantly (5-15 seconds), which is a significant advantage.


If you have a credit or debit card, then you can make a purchase from any country, and buy bitcoins for rubles without commission cheaply. The procedure fee is 5%. First of all, the platform is suitable for the format of operational and small transactions, up to $150. The broker has a high degree of reliability, so using this resource, you will not be deceived. The only downside is the high commission rates.


An excellent system where you can buy bitcoins for rubles cheaply. This well-known Austrian broker platform offers high limits at low commissions on all payment methods. It is characterized by a high speed of processing operations, a user-friendly interface that will be understandable even to a beginner, and complete anonymity.

It is worth remembering that any site, service or exchange is a secondary structure. We recommend that you store cryptocurrency in your wallet. This does not affect anything, but you will be calmer, because your bitcoins are in a safe place.


Using an exchanger is an objective solution to buy bitcoin for rubles cheaply. It is enough to have a Sberbank card and the required amount. Popular exchangers with an impeccable reputation are Prostocash and 60 sec . They involve working with many cryptocurrencies: ethereum, zek, linecoin, dash.

User support is round the clock, polite, qualified. After registering in the above exchangers, you will be given a 0.5% discount on any subsequent transactions, which is a definite advantage. They are preferred by both experienced users and beginners: thanks to an intuitive interface and an adequate commission, this is the most profitable way to buy bitcoin.

Payment systems

There are several payment systems that you can put money on and transfer to cryptocurrency: Payeer and AdvCash . After you fill in all the data and pass verification, you will have the opportunity to replenish your balance using Mastercard and VISA . For example, through AdvCash , transfer the amount to the wallet you need by selecting the “Transfer funds” item, then to “electronic currency” and ” bitcoin “. Translation happens instantly.

“Direct” purchase of bitcoin

The most profitable way to buy bitcoin is directly from another person. You independently arrange a meeting, having discussed the terms of the transaction in advance, and carry out the calculation. The buyer must first pay the full amount, after which the seller makes the transfer. This sequence has a logic: the transfer transaction cannot be canceled if the buyer refuses for some reason.

The word “bitcoin” implies a serious amount, so there are many attackers who are trying to earn extra money on it. Before contacting a person, we recommend that you read reviews about him in the profile and view the number of successful transactions. This method is used extremely rarely.

The first acquaintance with sites, broker sites, graphics can be intimidating, but after a short period of time, you will easily get used to it. We hope that your investment will bring profit. Investing in Bitcoin is a great way to make money!

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