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Buy bitcoin online?

Bitcoin is often referred to as “digital gold”. And I must say, not without thoroughness. And if investments in gold have already exhausted themselves, then the growth of the first cryptocurrency shows that it is not too late to use it to generate additional income. There are several ways to buy bitcoins online. In this article we will talk about the most profitable and safe.

Why buy Bitcoins?

Buying cryptocurrency today compares favorably with playing on the stock or currency exchange. High volatility and market growth allow you to quickly make a profit. Moreover, it is not measured by 2% -5%, but reaches 1000% per day. Of course, this does not apply to the BTC cryptocurrency. “Old Man” today gives a slight increase, but is more stable.

You can buy Bitcoin online for several reasons:

  • Investments
  • Payment for goods or services
  • Saving
  • Opportunity to be on topic

Whatever the reason for buying Bitcoins, they still need to be purchased. First, you need to create a wallet. That is, get the address where the tokens will be credited. There are several types of places to store Bitcoin. We advise you to use a proven online service. This is less secure than storing this cryptocurrency on a hard drive, but more secure than storing BTC on an exchange account. The best online Bitcoin wallet is Blockchain. The service allows you to create backups and uses HD addresses for greater anonymity.

Where is Bitcoin usually bought?

You can buy bitcoins for rubles online using:

  • stock exchange
  • exchangers
  • BTC holders

Each of these methods has strengths and weaknesses. Many people are wondering if it is possible to buy Bitcoin in Sberbank online. This cannot be done. But you can use an exchanger that has this form of payment.

Currency exchange services

Exchangers are the easiest and fastest way to fund your bitcoin account with rubles. There are many services that can quickly convert your “wooden” to BTC. In order not to look for the best exchange rate and the most favorable exchange conditions, use the service.

Almost all exchangers have a similar interface. On the left side you choose the payment method, and on the right side you choose Bitcoin. In a special field, enter the wallet address and the amount for which you want to purchase BTC. Then press the corresponding button. Thus, you can buy bitcoins for rubles through Sberbank online or use various payment systems. In addition to Bitcoin, many exchangers allow you to purchase other popular cryptocurrencies.

The best cryptocurrency exchange services:

  • 60sec com . One of the most popular services for exchanging rubles for Bitcoin. You can use the accounts of Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Titnkoff, Qiwi and various payment services.
  • Ychanger net . A good service that allows you to buy cryptocurrency using bank cards. Has an intuitive interface. The exchange is pretty fast.
  • 24 PayBank . Favorable and convenient service for buying Bitcoin. Registration is not required to purchase this token. Accepts Qiwi and other payment services.
  • X-pay . One of the fastest exchangers. Offers to buy several popular cryptocurrencies. Has a simple. Convenient and beautiful interface.
  • cashbank . Exchange for large amounts. Works from 0.05 Bitcoin. To purchase, you can choose any of the popular payment systems.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

The second most popular way to acquire BTC is through an exchange. Today there are several such services. In our country are especially popular:

  • Yobit
  • Polonex
  • Bitfinex
  • EXMO
  • CEX.IO

The main advantages of the exchange is the ability to purchase tokens at a real cost. While exchangers sell BTC at a rate that suits them. But exchanges have their own specifics. It is impossible to buy bitcoin through Sberbank online. Moreover, not all exchanges work with bank cards. Not to mention the popular payment systems in our country.

To buy cryptocurrency on the exchange you need:

  • Register on it
  • Verify account
  • Pass verification (not on all exchanges)
  • Top up account
  • Find BTC/RUR quotes (if you deposited in rubles) and buy Bitcoin

IMPORTANT: When buying BTC on exchanges, you credit them to your exchange wallet. Therefore, if you want to transfer to your main wallet, you will have to pay a commission. But this is not the most important thing in working with the exchange. The thing is that many of them ask to be verified. Without it, it will be impossible to withdraw Bitcoins, altcoins or fiat.

One of the most popular Yobit exchanges in our country has a Russian-language interface and an easy way to deposit / withdraw via Qiwi. And as we know, you can replenish your wallet in this payment system through Sberbank. Therefore, you can buy Bitcoin through Sberbank online on this exchange. Not directly, but still.

direct purchase

Want to buy bitcoins for rubles in Sberbank online. You can do this with the help of another member of the system who sells BTC. You can transfer online funds to his Sberbank, and he will throw a “cue ball” to your wallet address. Not the safest way, but it also has a place to be. Especially when you personally know the person who sells you cryptocurrency.

But using this method, you must be extremely careful. Otherwise, you can lose your money. Yes, and using Sberbank Online or the services of other banks for this is not the best idea. Unfortunately, there is evidence that banks are blocking “dangerous” transactions.

If you want to conduct a secure transaction directly, use the LocalBitcoins service. Here you can see seller ratings and reviews. Therefore, the transaction will be safer than without using this tool.

Other Ways to Buy Bitcoins

It will soon be possible to buy BTC through special ATMs and terminals. They are already operating today, but so far in an experimental mode. There are several ATM terminals in Moscow, with the help of which you can purchase “digital gold”. So far, such terminals work with banknotes, but soon there will be those where you can exchange cryptocurrency for Sberbank Online.

Bitcoin is the first, but not the only cryptocurrency. At the moment, new tokens appear about once a week. But not many survive and become a truly meaningful coin. However, it is altcoins that bring more profit to their owners. After all, their growth exceeds the growth of Bitcoin. Especially the likes of Dash, IOTA and Ripple. And if you want to really make money on cryptocurrency, then it is better to choose not Bitcoin, but little-known tokens. Most of them can be purchased on the exchanges. Some of them are more profitable to transfer Bitcoins, rather than real money.

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