Bridge Between Dogecoin And Ethereum Blockchains Will Increase The Utility of The Memcoin

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Creating a cross-chain bridge between the Dogecoin and Ethereum blockchains will increase the utility of the memcoin. This opinion was expressed by Dogecoin co-founder Billy MARKUS. This initiative will enable non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces such as OpenSea to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for various digital collectibles listed on the platform.

According to him, specially created sites will be able to see the wrapped coins in the MetaMask wallet and provide new features and opportunities for their holders. The expansion of the number of companies accepting cryptocurrency and its use for donations will also add utility to Dogecoin, Markus noted.

Dogecoin proponent Elon MUSK also spoke out, saying it would make sense if DOGE could continue to be accepted as a means of payment. He may also believe in an extension to Twitter’s tipping feature, but doesn’t believe in the Ethereum-Web3 bridge idea.

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