Blizzard Entertainment President Confirms Company Will Not Use NFTs

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Mike YBARRA, the newly appointed head of Blizzard Entertainment, claims that his company will not use non-fungible tokens, ending speculation. Last week, many media outlets reported that an American video game company asked gamers to complete a survey to find out their opinion on new trends in the gaming industry, which includes cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Although NFTs have gained immense popularity in 2022, they have also attracted many critics who are convinced that digital collectibles that can be easily reproduced have no practical utility. Skeptics argue that these are just means for speculation that contributes to climate change.

Discord, a group-chatting platform that is popular with gamers, also abandoned its plan to add support for Ethereum and NFTs due to criticism. However, there are several well-known gaming companies that have decided to capitalize on this trend. Ubisoft, a French video game developer, unveiled a plan last year to add NFTs to its games.

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