Bitcore cryptocurrency – what to expect from this altcoin in 2018?

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Bitcore cryptocurrency (BTX) is a new digital currency based on the blockchain using the Xevan and P2P algorithm network. It was founded in early 2017 by the developers of the Bitpay project. Cryptocurrency has no special solutions. Its purpose is to satisfy the needs of the community in protected digital money that can be spent on the Internet to pay for goods and services with anonymity functions.

At the time of creation, the developers focused on Bitcoin. BTX has improved all significant problems of the peering payment system, and the functional capabilities were expanded. Users who have more than 1 BTX account, every Monday receive a fixed amount of free coins (in the form of a bonus).

The history of the creation of cryptocurrency

At the beginning of 2017, the payment system receiving Bitcoin cryptocurrency published on social networks a message about the beginning of Bitcore beta testing. At this moment, the project was already in intensive use by several companies to identify existing errors and debugging. The platform is based on open source code, and its main goal is to help the developers of applications. Despite the fact that the official date of the project is considered on February 14, 2017, users were able to work with the platform in the full -functional mode of May 1.

The reaction of the cryptocurrency community to Bitcore was mainly positive, and the experts made a forecast regarding the speedy success of the currency, since it corresponds to Bitcoin technologies, has a decentralized structure and a new block-concept. To popularize the project, on November 2, 2017 it was decided to introduce a virtual grid model: each user selling or buying bitcoin received a reward in the form of BTX coins. Their number was calculated in accordance with the balance on the wallet (the amount of the amount paid corresponded to the balance in the account). During the first months, more than 600 thousand BTX (or $ 4 billion) were paid).


Bitcore is the most successful branch from Bitcoin, since the currency does not copy the existing blockchain, but has its own modified source code with changed rules and the mining algorithm. Developers took into account all the shortcomings of bitcoin. Based on the results obtained, they made a simpler form of the platform with amended Haching Rules to quickly process payments.

  • BTX works on the wallet 14.0.
  • The newest block contains all the latest transactions on the network and has a size of 20 megabytes.
  • The number of coins in circulation is reduced several times with respect to Bitcoin.
  • The platform contains built -in Segregated Witness functions and Bloom Protocol.
  • Free distribution of tokens to everyone for registration of the BTX-KOSHELK.
  • Every Monday user receives a remuneration of 3% of the available amount on the wallet.
  • The time of creating one block is 2-3 minutes.
  • Blockchain size – 400 megabytes.
  • Cryptocurrency production algorithm – Timetravel 10.
  • User protection and proof of the transaction performed through the Proof of Work system.
  • Bitcore cryptocurrency is very popular among service providers. Today, a huge number of exchanges, payment processors and online wallets are launched by Bitcore nodes. ASIC-Mainer is used to extract the BTX crypto-monet. For the convenience of users, the developers increased the size of the block and introduced new algorithms into the platform. The rest of the characteristics of Bitcore cryptocurrency are similar to bitcoin.

    Bitcore cryptocurrency - what to expect from this altcoin in 2018?

    Ways to obtain cryptocurrency

    Only those users who have an active wallet were active at the time of the hard-car, and the amount of replenishment was at least 1 BTC can get tokens. For uniform and fair distribution of coins, the developers released about 5 million transactions, with which all addresses in Blockchain cryptocurrencies were filled.

    This rule also concerned users with the available amount of 1 BTC in the account: each wallet received tokens completely free. The ratio of the cost of bitcoin and Bitcore is 0.5 to 1. Therefore, users receive several times less reward than available funds in BTC. This is the first way by which users can get coins.

    For those who missed the hard-sore, there are several more methods for obtaining tokens: firstly, they are accrued when registering a wallet, and secondly, every Monday users receive a remuneration of 3% of the total amount in the account. In addition, a bonus of 1% is a bonus monthly.

    When registering the BTX wallet, it is necessary to clean the bitcoin wallet, since the SEED-fraz on the Bitcore platform will be presented from it.

    Bitcore cryptocurrency - what to expect from this altcoin in 2018?

    There are some restrictions in the distribution of coins

  • Only those users who have at least 0.01 BTX can use the service at least 0.01 BTX at the time of the SNEPShot. Most of the participants owned the necessary amount. According to the official statistics of the platform, about 0.8% of people with spaces registered at that time could not use free distribution.
  • The weekly 3%-a monthly 1%reward can be obtained by community participants who own at least 10 tokens. This is a passive income that can bring 465% of net profit per year without any action from the user.
  • BTX course

    Over the past few months, Bitcore cryptocurrency has shown significant growth against other alternative bitcoin coins. You can purchase them at the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. The cost of one token is about $ 24 with the total capitalization of Bitcore of $ 261 million. The maximum emission of cryptocurrencies is 21 billion tokens.

    During 2018, developers plan to expand the Bitcore platform. In particular, the functionality will be updated, infrastructure is modified and user protection methods have been improved.

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