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Since August 2017, this type of currency has been separated from bitcoin. All users who had Fork Bitcoin until the first of August received the same number of Bitcoin Cash after a branch. The use of both types of currencies is available from the same wallet using one account. Initially, the creators launched an interesting project – this is a free receipt of a similar amount. For example, a user who has 10 bitcoins on an account received another 10. This made it possible to start her appeal and test her work. Interest in it has also increased. Users began to purchase and mine bitcoin cache, its growth was due to these factors.

In many ways, the interest of the currency appeared thanks to its innovations, namely: a modified protection system and capabilities for users. Today it is a competitive and stable currency that has received the support of the largest investors around the world. Hundreds of articles are written about it and many users acquire it precisely her.

Since the start of the start of sales, the cost of bitcoin cache was $ 300, in a day it increased significantly. More expensive than this currency, only its predecessor and Ethereum. Sustainable price increase and currency stability allowed to pay attention to it and think about the correct investment. From the moment of launch of sales to this day, stable growth has been observed, interrupted by sharp jumps in prices, as was the case in November 2017, when the price increased sharply to $ 2400.

Bitcoin Cash - Fork bitcoin

The currency is protected from DOC – attacks, all the steamed resources remain with users. The risk for network customers is reduced as much as possible.

Principle of operation

The currency is stored on user electronic wallets, based on the blockchain base, all the operations performed are reflected in the encrypted form. There is no regulatory body, the whole currency accumulates by mining (t. e. Users using the resources of their own personal computer or several PCs – earn a certain amount of Bitkoin, depending on the resource and the number of computers). The amount of currency in the limit system, it is also possible to crush integers to thousandth shares.

Bitcoin official website.Org. offers complete information about the currency and the possibility of conducting operations with it.

Smart contracts

Smart contract or Smart Contract is part of the software that ensures compliance with the rules between users. The program automatically checks for the correctness of the contract concluded by users. Blockchain, combined with a smart contract, eliminates dependence on centralized management and attracting third parties. Such a contract can be used not only in the Bitcoin cache system, but also to make any decisions by a group of persons.

Copies of the contract are stored by each participant. After the payment is made, the goods are shipped according to the tariff in automatic mode.

Cash Shuffle

This is a new type of encryption that carefully hides the user’s name, the operations performed by him and allows you to maintain anonymity. This type of encryption has been launched relatively recently and was written in GO. Users have already managed to try it and were satisfied with the result.

Capitalization of BitCoin Cash

To date, the currency has already bypassed Ethereum, which indicates its popularity and the correct investment. The capitalization has passed the mark of $ 40 billion and continues to grow. More than half of the hash-powerfuls are currently spent on supporting this currency.

The Bitcoin Cash course for the entire period of existence (according to

Maximum value – 4091.70 USD (December 20, 2017)

The minimum value is 208.37 USD (August 20, 2017)

Working with currency

You can make transactions in this currency on special sites BTC and BCC are controlled from one wallet, but independently of each other. To date, the currency has passed the first test and attracted the largest partners in the market. It is convenient and safe.

Features of BCH

Among the main features of BCH, several innovations can be distinguished. First of all, it is an increase in the main block to 8 megabytes. The re -transmission of the message also became impossible. The third significant difference is the fundamentally new encryption system.

Another feature is the absence of intermediaries in the bidding. And if there are no intermediaries, it means that there is no one to pay the commission. This feature can minimize the costs of transactions, especially since their safety is guaranteed by the system. BCH mining, as practice has shown, is not beneficial, It requires large capacities (the same as the “production” of bitcoin), but at the same time the course of the new currency is below its predecessor.

The currency has bidding on special sites, by analogy with the auction of other currencies, but with one key feature – the lack of a commission. BCH has quick processing of the actions given, about several dozen operations per second.

Not all wallets provided the possibility of using BCH, but given its increased popularity, they plan to do this in the near future.


Those users who had bitcoins before their separation received a similar amount of BCs for their wallets. They managed to try out a new currency and were satisfied. But many exchanges did not initially share the opinions of users and did not work with the new currency. However, after time, BCs deserved their trust. Today the currency is stable and its growth is stable.

As for the opinions of experts – they unanimously claim the growth of both currencies that will not be interrupted. The currency is independent of many factors and is very safe. Distribution is in full swing, new users are constantly appearing, a huge number of contracts are concluded. The turnover and investment have steady growth, which indicates the prospects of investing in this type of currency.

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