Binance NFT launches subscription mechanism for Mirror World

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Binance cryptocurrency exchange launches subscription mechanism for Mirror World.

Mirror World is a content matrix with games that display the real world in digital form. NFT in Mirror World works as passes that allow players to travel to different game worlds and receive rewards.

Launch date: May 26

Preparation 23.05 03:00 – 25.05 5:00 in Kyiv
Subscription 25.05 5:00 – 26.05 11:00
Calculation 26.05 11:00 – 26.05 15:00
Distribution 26.05 at 15:00

To participate in the NFT sale, users must hold a minimum of 0.1 BNB during the preparation phase.

The price of one NFT is 50 BUSD. A total of 3,000 were issued. One user can buy no more than 4 tickets.

You can join by following the link .

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