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For many people, it is not a secret that the name Augur known for many people is not quite cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized platform that is based on the bitcoin of the ether. With its help, each participant in the platform will be able to perform completely different forecasts of events in the modern world without any difficulties. As far as is known in the near future, this platform can become the most popular among most bookmakers, as well as online casinos.

The Augur project itself is unusually interesting. Each participant in the system becomes “oracle”, t.e. can make a prediction for any event. If the assumption turned out to be correct, then the user receives a reward. Each oracle has a reputation, a parameter depending on the number of correct forecasts. Measured in cryptocurrency rep. At the same time, the correct assumption brings profit in the form of REP, and erroneous – removes coins.

Augur Cryptocurrency - Make bets for the future

As for the above actions, it should be noted that the possibility of the influence of public services and other entities that want to close this activity will be completely excluded, which is important for most modern Internet users.

Cryptocurrency Rep. How to use? Where you can profitably purchase?

In order for the Augur platform to function comfortably without any interruptions and difficulties, the developers have created a unique cryptocurrency Republic. It is similar to the token, which occupies leading positions at this stage among other cryptocurrencies and is interested in most investors.

Special REP tokens existing on this platform are slightly different from the traditional presentation, since their price directly depends on fiat money. Today, token repn can be purchased at completely different current sites without any difficulties. If desired, they can be stored in completely different wallets that support Ethereum’s tokens, for example, Exodus.

The main prospects of Augur cryptocurrency

The Augur project developed by experts and relevant to date is more than promising at this stage. After all, the modern world of bets is quite diverse and evaluated in an impressive amount of financial resources. Therefore, interest in this cryptocurrency is quite increased among modern society, which prefers to improve its well-being through bets and many other gambling on the Internet.

Augur project is considered completely independent of any external factors in the legal field. Thanks to the above advantages, Augur has an excellent opportunity for successful development and attracting interested parties to this sphere.

Augur Cryptocurrency - Make bets for the future

Augur actual forecast (Rep)

If you and I began to consider an alternative analogue of the bookmaker, then why don’t we make our own forecast for the price of one RED token. If you begin to delve into the most relevant and worried question that is quite relevant and concerned as possible, then you can conclude that by March 2018 1 token Augur will be equal to the amount of $ 50. The above facts, of course, will interest most investors and provide an excellent opportunity for each person to improve their own well -being. If you are interested in these factors, then you can personally check them, and make sure of your own experience.


It is worth saying about the capitalization of Augur, which, as of the end of 2017, is equated with $ 220 billion. No less important should be noted that the price of token varies within twenty dollars. At this stage, an impressive amount of the above currency is in everyday life. In the near future, their release will completely stop them, so that there is a great opportunity to maximize prices at this stage. The opinion of analysts about investing in Augur cryptocurrency is promising, cryptocurrency predicts stable growth. But still in this situation without risks nowhere. Therefore, before starting to invest in currency, you should think that you can make considerable profit after performing the actions performed.

But despite all kinds of risks, most investors prefer to invest their own financial means. Since they consider the currency to be quite prosperous, and foresee the possibility of excellent Augur profit and successful successes.

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