Atari Is Ditching Its ATRI Token

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Representatives of the developer reported that the licenses to use the Atari logo and other related products were revoked on April 18. As a result, the ATRI token cannot use company symbols. However, Atari plans to issue a new token and exchange all ATRI for it.

In order not to completely alienate the Atari community and owners of the existing coin, ATRI tokens can be exchanged for the planned new token. A snapshot of the blockchain was made for the exchange at 21:00 Moscow time on April 18. Token holders have been given time to swap their ATRI tokens. After the announcement, many token holders started selling their tokens. As a result, the price of the token has almost halved. On April 17, the price of the ATRI token reached $0.02, and on April 18, the price fell to $0.011. At the time of writing, the token is trading at $0.1358.

The game maker has not yet announced how Atari will create a new strategy and on which blockchain the new token will be implemented. However, it is clear that the orientation will be based on the existing concept. Initially, Atari wanted to create their own cryptocurrency to provide a cross-platform currency for game objects as well as other blockchain based game concepts. However, in the gaming community, such plans are controversial.

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