ARK altcoin is a new cryptocurrency or something more?

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ARK (ark) is a unique cryptocurrency ecosystem. Its main methods of attracting consumers were innovation in the field of digital money, creating applied applications for daily use, as well as cooperation with industry leaders.
The ark, using the new generation system, Ark Smartbridge, will connect existing blockchain technologies and the ARK ecosystem, which will allow you to form a platform that goes to a new level of connections with users.
The ark claims that all previous systems were not aimed at the interests of the ordinary consumer, focusing exclusively on trading. In this regard, he came to the creation of a system that helps to approach the blockchain to ordinary consumers.
For most ARK, it is just cryptocurrency, but the ark positions itself more globally, considering itself an ecosystem aimed at the wide accepting of cryptocurrencies.
Despite the loss of two thousand targeted indicators of the BTC ICO at the end of 2016, having received only 1.279.67 bitcoins (at that time it was almost a million dollars), the creators of the network did not move away from their roadmap. They made investors proposals for additional returns.
Developers strive to create something more than an ordinary investment way. This should be a network of chains that are connected to a single system with a billion of use options, which will help the ark become flexible and adapting.
The whole point is the accessibility of the blockchain for users, using bridges between different networks that operate at the same time, which will cancel the need for continuous Tokin trading in order to access competitors’ systems, for example, bitcoin and etherium.

What are the main features of the system?

The most tempting idea of ​​an ark, which can create a revolution in the world of virtual currencies, is the ability to create connections between blockchains competitors, eliminating the gaps between them.
This can be a breakthrough, since without such a project the most common coins (bitcoin, ether, fox) are incompatible with one chain of blocks due to different technologies. Smartbridges does this real. In addition, the ark blog provides examples that demonstrate the world of completely new opportunities:
To launch the Ethereum smart contract, it is enough to send instructions using Smartbridge technology immediately on a wallet.
In order to create an entry in the Factom system, an ark is enough, in the wallet of which you need to enter information, as well as instructions for the chain by the fact.
Innovation is also manifested in democracy. Voting in the ark is more dispersed than in previous models using delegated evidence of shares. All votes take part, but the significance of the voice can be divided into several parts, which excludes the ability to capture the system entirely.

ARK altcoin is a new cryptocurrency or something more?

The entire algorithm of encouragement looks like this:

  • Accounts vote for delegates.
  • Delegates with the largest number of votes are entitled to create blocks.
  • For each completed block, the delegate receives a reward.
  • Delegates can pay part of the remuneration to their voters.
  •  The properties of the algorithm

    The name of the algorithm in the ark system is Delegated Proof of Stake, that is, delegated evidence of the share. Its essence is that the processing of transactions and directly in the blockchain is engaged in a node (NOD), consists of 51 delegates, which were elected by voting. For the implementation of functions, delegates receive a reward (coins).
    Each created block, forming for 8 seconds, will bring 2 coins to delegates. The safety of the system is also that you can give a voice for several, even for all delegates, but its weight in this case will be divided into the corresponding number of parts. This prevents the monopoly of one player in the market.

    Coin and inflation release

    The ark released 125 million tokens, but the current turnover is approximately 100 million, which motivates delegates to continue to maintain the functioning of the blockchain. Knowing how much time it takes to create one block, it is easy to calculate when all tokens will enter the circulation.
    A similar method of release and the number of tokens as a whole reduces the inflation of this currency compared to competitors such as etherium or fox. In the first year, it will be 6.31%, in the second – already 5.93%. Когда добудут последний токен Ark, то есть через десять лет, значение снизится до 4,02%. In the future, the price of the currency will only increase.
    It can be compared: when the etherium appeared on the market, it was subject to inflation of 30%, Lisk – 15%.

    The main token

    ARK marker is protected by a cryptographic block chain, largely similar to Lisk and crypt. The DPOS ark protocol was improved.

    ARK altcoin is a new cryptocurrency or something more?

    Official wallet

    The ark provides an official wallet on the website https: // ark.Io. Creation involves downloading a client file and a account creation. After simple settings, you can start using a wallet. There is a mobile version of Ark Wallet.

    Important dates of the roadmap and indicators

  • 01.02.17 – launch of the system;
  • The end of 2017-a P2P cards system appeared, a Smartbridge link system to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk systems was introduced;
  • The first quarter of 2018 is the creation of the SmartCard P2P system;
  • By the final of 2018 – the continuation of the improvement of the ecosystem
  • There are contracts of contracts;
  • Anonymity is guaranteed;
  • The level of protection is high;
  • Mining: No;
  • Tokens: ark;
  • Average transaction time 8 s;
  • Number of coins in circulation for today: 100 503 266;
  • The maximum possible number of coins: 131 753 266;
  • Capitalization for today $ 384 648 110;
  • The cost for today is $ 3.83;
  • Where to buy/Sell: Binance, Bittrex.
  •  Summarizing

    ARK is a dispersed asset using the blockchain system. Its main features are a qualitatively new protocol and the possibility of interacting with other systems. The platform is focused on mass acceptance by the public to provide various opportunities.
    In particular, one of the proposals is a system of cards that can be a great option for users who do not want to deal with standard bank accounts.
    ARK crypt guarantees speed, safety and reliability. This ambitious project, no doubt, deserves attention.
    From the beginning of April 2017 to date, the ARK coin has risen from $ 0.03 to $ 3.83, progression is impressive. 

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