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The Waves cryptocurrency developers team positions the platform not just as another cryptocurrency, similar in parameters and functionality with existing ones, but as a blockchain system with unique operational functionality. Through a distributed database, the platform allows you to attract investments, it is possible to buy and sell financial instruments and attract kraunfanding companies. In fact, Waves is a platform based on blockchain technology, working with user coins on the principle of decentralization.

The idea of ​​forming digital money Waves

At the very beginning of the project, a team of developers, already having solid experience in the field of digital money, tried to prevent the mistakes inherent in the formation of platforms based on kraunfanding methods of development and expansion. The volatility of the coins and lack of options to attract investments was meant.
Waves enables holders of coins to attract investors in their developments not only in tokens, but in fiat currencies and bitcoins.

The platform is formed in such a way that users, creating coins, can determine their cost. The innovation of this kind is very important for attracting funds based on crowdfunding. This option helps to reduce the commission in transactions when the transaction to the counterparty follows in one currency, and his account is open to another.
And an important feature of the WAVES system, which allows you to carry out exchange operations of digital currency on convertible with very moderate commission.

Who and how created the platform

In early spring 2016, a businessman from Russia Alexander Ivanov with a group of like -minded people developed and launched a new blockchain platform. The developers called their brainchild WAVES, and a popular and established project NXT is taken as a basis for the basis. Financing was involved in the ICO Craunfunding, about 30 thousand bitcoins were invested in the project, which gave a good impetus for the development of the platform.

The guarantor and guarantor for the new platform was the head of the well-known service of wallets for digital currencies Mycelium, Mr. Kuzmin, with whom the developers’ team conducted cooperation at the stage of development and preparation of the project. Thanks to this transaction service and the distribution of coins is significantly simplified and accelerated.

The next stage in the development of the project was the conclusion of an agreement with the Australian company BIT Scan PTY regarding the development of a special network. The main principle of the network was the possibility of installing a commission by the user himself during the WAVES coins and maximum reduction of costs during transactions to convert digital money into fiat.

The functionality of the platform works on the updated POS model, which enables holders of coins of the waves to rent them for full Nodes for a certain share of profit from mining. Owners can return their tokens at any time, at the first request.

Is Tokinov mining possible

Ordinary miners will be disappointed, but only holders who were selected by the balance of coins have the possibility for mining WAVES (blocks of blocks). Only full nodes can mining as part of the Waves system. The remaining users can only rent their coins to elect to mining, without actual participation in the process.
How to register a wallet
In order to fully participate in the auction, conduct transactions and store coins, it is necessary to register a wallet. There are two varieties: with full functions that allow mining and support for blockchain and Lite Client. To install the full wallet software, 35 GB on the disk, continuous online on the network and a difficult setting of a client program will be required. Without the skill and special practice, this will not bring any benefit. It is better to dwell on a simplified light version.
There are two variations of the wallet: with installation on a computer system disk and for working in a browser online. For installation, you must go to the official website and then follow the tips of the system for registration and installation. Most importantly, store the generated password in a safe place to control your coins.

Altcoin Waves - brainchild of Russian programmers

What to wait in the future?

The rhetoric of Waves developers differs from the statements of other teams involved in professionally digital currencies, regular declaration of achievements, and not by a promise of future victories. Swift growth for a year and a half, serious capitalization and recognition by investors and exchange players around the world Waves coin is undeniably a significant achievement. Another achievement of the team is a very mobile and affordable wallet with a functional interface.
As for the prospects, the creators plan to continue integration into the economy and politics, expand investments, try to connect digital currencies and freely convertible. A lot of work is underway to establish contacts and interaction with governing bodies of various countries to facilitate work.

Distinctive features of the cryptocurrency waves:

Altcoin Waves - brainchild of Russian programmers


  • Assets in the blockchain in the form of tokens of leading cryptocurrencies allows the platform to conduct decentralized trade based on bitcoin;
  • POP plugins allow optimizing and expanding the functionality of the program;
  • The possibility of emissions of personal assets for the participants in the system and other.
  • Even taking into account gray Friday and a protracted adjustment, Waves has very good prospects for growth and development.


  • The principle of operation (algorithm) on the principle of POS;
  • Smart contracts in the process of study and launch;
  • Anonymity is complete, user security;
  • The level of protection of the wallet is based on the code phrase SEED;
  • Mining only inside the system selected users;
  • Waves tokens;
  • The average cost of the transaction 0.001 WAVES;
  • Hundreds of transactions per second are produced;
  • The number of coins in circulation today is 100,000,000;
  • Capitalization for today $ 928 188 000;
  • The cost for today is $ 9.28.
  • In 2017, the increase in the cost of Waves progressed from 24 cents to $ 13, gray Friday adjusted, but soon the next rapid growth of the coin is expected. 

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