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Altcoin Tenx - the merger of banking and cryptocurrency systems

Tenx is a platform with which the use of virtual currencies has become as convenient and public as ordinary fiat money. Its main goal is to unite in one wallet 2 completely different systems: banking and cryptocurrency. So, with the help of a conventional debit card, users could store digital and fiat money, exchange it with each other, pay for purchases and receive additional bonuses for this.

The service has already received support for VISA and MasterCard payment systems. You can pay such a card around the world in stores, terminals and ATMs that accept these systems of systems. The exception is residents of the jurisdictions of Singapore and the USA.

Thanks to Comit technology, exchange and conversion of currencies is carried out automatically at the current current rate. At the moment, Tenx allows the use of bitcoin, etherium, dashkoin, tokens of the ERC20 protocol. In the future, most altcoins created on the basis of Ethereum will be included in this list. Thus, a multi -native crypto -coolant will become a universal tool for storing all basic tokens.

Tenx’s own coin is Pay. For the first time on cryptocurrency exchanges, this token appeared in the summer of 2017. Its initial cost was $ 1.12 and increased quickly enough several times. Having experienced the greatest demand, in August she broke the record and reached a peak mark of $ 5.60, and the volume of bidding in 24 hours exceeded the bar of $ 100 million. After several jumps and falls, the course leveled off.

History of occurrence

Tenx was formed in mid -2015 in Singapore. This country was not chosen to the start of the project: advanced technologies and development in the field of blockchain are concentrated here, and local legislation creates favorable conditions for operations with digital assets.

The founder of the startup was the Austrian Toby Hoenich. The future entrepreneur first became interested in cryptocurrencies when he studied at the Graz Technical University. At first he began to extract bitcoins using his own laptop, and later moved to Japan and personally met many members of the cryptocurrency world. He devoted all the further work to the implementation of payment systems to work with virtual currencies, so I must say that Tenx is far from its first development.

In addition to Toby Hoynish, the project team included large international cryptocurrency experts:

  • Michael Sperk, one of the co -founders and the technical director of the company;

  • Paul Kitti, one of the co -founders and the company’s operating director;

  • Julian Hosp, one of the co -founders and the director of strategic development;

  • Warren Goh (Warren Goh), user design and usability specialist;

  • Bettina Schmidt, specialist in business operations and working with clients;

  • Tuhina Singh and Uzin Chua (U-Zyn Chua), leading blockchain developers.

  • Among investors who showed interest and supported the promising project were Vitalik Buterin (founder of the crypto platform Ethereum), Bohen (managing partner Fenbushi Capital), David Lee (Patron). ICH, DBS Blockchain Hack, Incubator, Citi Mobile Challenge and a number of others provided great support. Part of the funds was attracted using crowdfunding.


    In July 2017, during the ICO, 105 million Pay tokens were put up for sale (51% of the total mass). All of them were sold in just 7 minutes in the amount of $ 57 million. Another 29% of tokens will be implemented over the next four years, and the remaining 20% ​​are long -term investments in the company and distributed among the founders and project teams. Further emission and mining tokens are not provided.

    Key features, facts and characteristics about the Tenx Pay system:

  • The release of tokens started on June 24, 2017;

  • support for BTC, ETH, DASH, blockchain based on ERC20;

  • The fees for the conduct of transactions are absent or minimized;

  • The total capitalization of the project, according to various estimates, is from 180 to $ 270 million, the volume of bidding exceeds $ 4 million per day;

  • Tenx wallet works in a web version, there is also a mobile application for Android and iOS;

  • The developers provide for double dispatch protection, hash function, support for Timelocks and Multisig;

  • The system is based on the Comit protocol, which ensures a decentralized system of safety of smart contracts, a reliable data storage, a high degree of control through a DSS key;

  • There are rewards for coin holders – 0.1% for the use of a debit card and 0.5% for transactions and payments in Pay tokens;

  • In the system, a quick exchange for any virtual and fiat currencies without visiting exchanges is possible in the framework of a multicellular wallet;

  • Pay tokens are traded on large exchanges in Bittrex, Huobi, HitbTC and others;

  • The cost of a physical card is $ 15, a digital wallet – 1.5 dollars;

  • Official website of the payment company www.Tenx.Tech

  • Course for 2017

    If you turn to the schedule and analyze how the quotes on Pay have changed, one cannot but notice the rapid, active growth of cryptocurrency and the subsequent stabilization of the course. Currently, the cost of 1 token has lingered at the mark of 2.3-2.5 dollars (about 140 Russian rubles).

    Throughout the year, Tenx is included in the TOP-20 of the most promising digital assets and confidently bypasses the closest competitors, which are also based on the idea of ​​a multi-ceremony (for example, Monaco and Tokencard). The operation of the system was tested in 50 states of the world and is available today in more than 200 countries. In 2018, experts and cryptocurrency experts expect new breakthroughs and growth from this system, and investing in Tenx consider one of the most promising investments.

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