Altcoin GNOSIS – absolutely authentic cryptocurrency

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GNOSIS is a decentralized prediction market based on the Ethereum protocol. The platform works on the basis of smart contracts and can be used by everyone who wants to predict the outcome of any event. The prediction market makes it possible to make transactions on the sale of binary positions on the outcome of any random event.

GNO cryptocurrency was released as part of the GNOSIS project specifically to stimulate the long -term operation of the project. According to the developers, GNO is an absolutely authentic currency, which is a real achievement in the field of information technology.

Types of cryptocurrency on the GNOSIS platform

GNO development directly depends on the activity of the community: its value and value may increase or decrease depending on how many people use the platform. Today, large companies, investors and ordinary people who want to earn money on cryptocurrency use it to build a chain of predictions regarding the further development of the market or other events.

To conduct active activities and attract wide masses of people, the company uses several types of tokens: GNO and Wiz. The course of the last currency is tied to the American dollar in a ratio of 1 to 1. This enables the project to develop. In particular, GNO is used as an intra -platform currency for daily use, and Wiz as the main reserve capital for the payment of remuneration to deposits for deposits. GNO cryptocurrency is distributed by sale at auctions and exchanges.

History of cryptocurrency GNOSIS

GNOSIS cryptocurrency was launched in 2016 based on Ethereum blockchain. It is positioned as a fully decentralized currency and is the only platform in the application of the forecast market applications.

A short time after the launch of the cryptocurrency, its investment fund The DAO, which in 2016 managed to raise more than $ 165 million (which at that time amounted to 12 million broadcasts) through ICO, collapsed and lost part of the means. This happened a few months after the end of crowdfunding. Then the developers transferred the project to the test mode, which detained its development for 1 year. During this time, a full audit of smart contracts was carried out to evaluate risks and establish a strategy for further actions.

After 1 year, cryptocurrency was presented to the general public for the second time, but now as an independent project, in complete independence from Consensys. Thanks to the use of smart contracts, the platform excludes the possibility of third -party interference in the implementation of the forecast.

Technical characteristics of gnosis

Since the launch of cryptocurrency, ten million GNO and Wiz tokens have been released. Of these, 9 million will be released for purchase and sale, and the rest are listed in the reserve of the platform.

To date, the GNOSIS course is unstable. The average cost is about $ 30, however, due to the constant expansion of the user base, the rate increases with every week. This increases its value and creates excellent prospects for further development.

  • The platform is a decentralized online service based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • GNO capitalization is about 90 thousand Bitcoin.
  • The platform has a built -in cryptocurrency wallet of the same name.
  • Trading in currency is carried out on almost all large world exchanges.
  • When creating GNOSIS, the developers used modern digital technologies. In particular, the activity of the platform is built on three basic principles that ensure a high level of security, the reliability and universality of its work.

  • Core. It performs the main functions to regulate the issuance of tokens, provides decentralization of digital assets using a distributed computer network, and is also responsible for the convenience and functionality of the platform interface. The core allows fast transactions without levying any commissions.
  • Services. This layer is a derivative of the nucleus and performs the functions of the service with paid tools to set up the platform and implement third -party technologies, whether it be another type of cryptocurrency or payment system.
  • Applications. If the user wants to make any changes to the event interface, he can use a special biblical section, where the main planes of the network of smart contracts are concentrated.
  • The principle of the GNO cryptocurrency is as follows: during the Craudsale ICO using smart contracts, coins are spreading between participants in the event. After the auction ends, the entire volume of tokens is blocked for a long time: the lock period can be up to six months. During this time, each user who participated in collective cooperation receives a percentage of reward in the form of a cryptocurrency Wiz. The amount of remuneration depends on the duration of the lock. At the same time, 30% of tokens can receive 30% of tokens immediately after the end of the auction.

    Altcoin GNOSIS - absolutely authentic cryptocurrency

    How to get tokens

    There are several ways to purchase GNOSIS cryptocurrency: a purchase at an auction, or an exchange for other types of tokens. It is worth noting that in GNO there is no possibility of creating new blocks in order to obtain remuneration in the form of coins.

    The first way to get tokens is auctions. Here, a person can not only acquire currency, but also become an investor by investing part of the acquired capital in a deposit. The amount of payment depends on the number of coins purchased. In this case, the remuneration is paid in Wiz tokens. The largest auction GNOSIS was held in the spring of 2017. Then the platform was able to sell more than 400 million coins, collecting 12 million 500 thousand dollars.

    The second, easier way to become the owner of GNO – exchange for the exchange. To do this, you need to have a different type of cryptocurrency, since there is no opportunity to exchange it for ordinary money.


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