What is AirDrop? The free distribution of tokens is called AirDrop. In fact, this is a common marketing campaign. Most of these promotions are organized by young crypto startups or large companies that have launched a new line of business. The main goal of any free distribution of tokens is to spread information, create a community, attract investors and develop infrastructure. He also added that successful giveaways always create hype, provide liquidity, and drive up the price of an unreleased token.

Now all projects understand that they need to grow the community, and this is what AirDrop is for – so that there are many motivated holders of this digital asset. Getting free tokens motivates digital coin holders to follow the project, make suggestions and improve it.

In the crypto market, the term “AirDrop” is used when a blockchain project or platform distributes cryptocurrency to its potential investors or users. It is believed that in 80% of cases this is nothing more than a marketing ploy of another crypto platform to attract the attention of future customers.

Within the framework of such projects, a free transfer of cryptocurrency is carried out directly to users’ wallets. Sometimes, in order to participate in the distribution program and receive tokens, a client or potential investor must fulfill certain conditions, for example:

  • pass verification (KYC)
  • subscribe to the newsletter from the project
  • subscribe to the project pages in social networks

Morpher Airdrop

Total value: n/aPlatform: ETH Estimated Value$2.5 + ref Tokens per Claim100 MPH Max. ParticipantsUnlimited Morpher is a zero fee trading platform where you can trade stocks, crypto, commodities and forex 24 The project is backed by Tim Draper’s venture capital…

Tidex Airdrop

Airdrop ends 2022-05-25Total value: 20,000,000 TDXPlatform: ETH Estimated Value $20 Tokens per Claim 200 TDX Max. Participants Unlimited OverviewStep by step GuideCEX and DEXRequirementsIncryptico Analysis– Site Overview– Token Overview– Project OverviewVideoTokenomicsRoadmap Overview Website: : TDXTotal Supply: 150,000,000 TDXPrivacyTwitter: Group: Tidex…

Grandbazar NFT marketplace Airdrop

🪂 Airdrop: Grandbazar NFT marketplace 🎁 Prize pool: 2500 NFT from the Grandbazar Merchant Collection will be randomly drawn among the participants 🔗 Airdrop Link: Go to Airdrop page 🏆 Tasks: 🔹 Create a crypto wallet Everspace, Ever Surf or…