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Use refferal code to take Sneakers

The hype with move-to-earn projects continues, as of March 12, AGLET has attracted 700,000 users. The project is developing at a crazy pace, in the next few days everyone has the opportunity to jump into the last car, not to bite your elbows and not to buy sneakers for $ 900, as was the case in STEPN . Why so many comparisons to STEPN ? Because externally and functionally AGLET is almost no different. The only difference is that the AGLET token is not yet traded anywhere. This is normal for young projects, now the audience is gathering, the competition is very high, each company wants to be the first in the market of m2e applications. So what you need to do to start earning an AGLET token? Now I will tell you in detail.

To begin, download the application to your mobile phone from Google Play or App Store . Launch the program and press the GET STARTED button , read a small guide to the program and click on. Next we need to choose our first sneakers. I recommend choosing the middle option, because they will allow you to earn a little more coins in the beginning, but we’ll talk about this later, as there are many options for earning coins.

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Once we have chosen the sneakers, we need to open the box with them. Tap twice on the box and then swipe up. Then we create an avatar, a standard set, but over time, different items of clothing are added. You can change the avatar in the future if you get tired of wearing a green shirt and you want to wear a sweatshirt. You can also select the image that the system will give us by clicking on the appropriate button “random”. Now you’re cool! The inscription on the screen tells us, but the process is not over, we need to register, the system offers several options: registration via Snapchat, Google account or mail. We agree with the security policy and move on.

If you have a referral code, and you have it: 3TYWAW, then you enter it and after 10,000 steps – you and the person whose code you entered will receive 1000 tokens. This should not be neglected, because you will need tokens to buy the collection, about this later.

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After entering the referral code, you will need to give standard permissions for the program: track physical activity, battery charge, messages and GPS access. The last point is also important, geolocation should always be turned on, so you definitely do not miss the opportunity to monetize every step. Then a miracle happens and you get a second pair of sneakers for free! This completes the registration process and we can start walking and earning tokens.

Consider the main features and capabilities of the program: To start walking, you need to choose what to walk. All sneakers are unique in their characteristics. They have the main parameters of GCP: degree of protection, comfort, adhesion to the surface. And no less important are options such as:

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  • EARN RATE – the number of tokens per 1000 steps
  • DURABILITY – wear resistance
  • LIFETIME STEPS – how many steps have been taken in these sneakers
  • REPAIRS REMAINING – number of possible repairs
  • MAX BOOST RATE – the maximum number of tokens you can get using BOOST (earned tokens are multiplied by 2, 3, 4 ()
  • CLASS – a rarity in class 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • PURCHASED PRICE – the value of these sneakers is displayed on the market at the moment, for this number of tokens you can buy or sell your sneakers. What should you pay attention to before starting the walk? For the weather! No wonder the icon with the weather in your area is displayed at the top of the program screen. Weather affects wear and traction. So before the walk, go to your closet and choose the best option. Pay attention to the BOOST you will receive. This is important, the higher the odds, the more tokens you get. Further more pleasant.

After the first 1000 steps you will get another box of sneakers. The next stage is 2500 steps and another box. After that, the gradation increases and you will receive new sneakers after every 5,000 steps. You might think that now we can go to the market with these sneakers and become millionaires, but no, it’s better to keep them.

First, the sneakers wear out and you will need to repair them or change into others to continue earning tokens. Your first two pairs are designed for 10,000 steps each. They can only be repaired twice, mention REPAIRS REMAINING . They are repaired in special places on the map, which are indicated by lightning with circular arrows ( Repair Station ). There are also restrictions at the stations, usually only one sneaker can be repaired at one station in 24 hours. Sometimes the break is 12 hours, more options have not yet met.

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Secondly, by selling sneakers now you will earn a minimum of tokens and in the future, if you need even the most ordinary pair, you will not buy it at a low price. In addition to the recovery station, the map also shows you and a few other interesting points: Treasure Stash (treasure caches), there are various “delicacies” of sneakers, brushes, and Deadstock Station – stations with 100% repair. Ordinary recovery station repair sneakers from 10% You also need to pay attention to what class of sneakers repaired this station. TIER 1 to 5. Most stations do not accept 1st and 5th grade. Therefore it will be necessary to run in search of the necessary station.

In addition to the parameters and the usual BOOST , you can buy additional items that improve the condition and performance of sneakers. A tube of shoe polish and a brush can be bought for tokens in a store or for a gold GOLD AGLET . This is a coin that is bought for real dollars. If you go to the appropriate section, you will see how many coins are worth. Sometimes you can buy super mega cool sneakers for gold tokens in a store, not in a general market, and get hundreds of tokens for each step.

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DON Score also affects your reputation and BOOST characteristics . Roughly speaking, this is your level in the game. It can be increased by continuing to walk daily and collect collections of sneakers. It is for the sake of collecting the collection that I did not recommend selling the first sneakers. I managed to buy the third pair at the market for only 45 AGLETs , and in a couple of hours they were already worth 55. Thus, I gathered the collection and raised my level.

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Mechanics are very interesting and really motivates walking and a healthy lifestyle, even if you are not interested in earning. It is worth a try and it is advisable to start right now, because the opportunity to enter the program for free may close in the coming days.

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