AELF cryptocurrency – what are the prospects for 2018?

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AELF cryptocurrency - what are the prospects for 2018?

AELF is a universal platform that itself adapts to the tasks of any complexity in any field. For each of them, a special, independent blockchain project is created. In the future, developers suggest that one such project on this platform will become universal and will be able to implement any goal. ELF will be an internal currency and a means of payments for access and use of smart contracts and other functionality.

History of creation

At the end of 2017, a team of developers who have already participated in the creation and development of blockchain projects and applications decided to create a new platform.

AELF cryptocurrency - what are the prospects for 2018?

The main goal of the creation is to develop one self -developing system for various tasks and goals, and the exclusion of working with many platforms created for various areas of activity. The system itself will propose various solutions for the implementation of the project, which will make the fundamental problem of applying the blockchain solved.

The project team has extensive experience and extensive resources in this industry. And they also enlisted the support of a number of influential investors, which gives them certain advantages over competitors and takes them to a new level.

Aelf characteristics

Principle of operation

All AELF nodes will function on cloud servers, which will contribute to its high performance. For the main blockchain, a hybrid mechanism will be used. It will interact with individual blockchains – side chains on which smart contracts are located, and external blockchains.

For example, this moment is known that AELF will interact with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Relations between them will be realized using messaging and will be represented by many chains for exchanging users and information.

The start of the project

The project began at the end of 2017, but the platform has good development prospects. Already in 2018, it will expand and grow at a long pace, so now this project has not been formed to the end, because it requires large time and forces of developers.

Sale and purchase

Tokens sale was officially launched in November 2017. These actions can be carried out on all popular exchanges in cryptocurrency transactions, for example, Binance and Bitfinex. You can storelf on the Myetherwallet wallet and other similar ones that are adapted for the type of ERC20 coins. Now it is not trading on all exchanges, so it can be noted that the potential of the growth and development of this cryptocurrency is very high.

Project development

At the beginning of 2017, testing the nucleus of the platform and the launch of auxiliary mechanisms of the model will begin. And in the spring, the developers will present a new operating system, which will be designed specifically for working with the main and side chains of the algorithm.

At the end of summer, a voting system for cryptocurrency owners will become available, which will allow them to participate in decision -making on the project. The emergency mechanism will also be created at the same time and side chains will become available, that is, sides.

The developers plan to completely launch the platform in January 2019, and then part of the problems with the blockchain and the work with cryptocurrencies that exist at the moment will be completely solved.

Extensive infrastructure is the only difficulty that developers may encounter. However, with the support of investors and competent marketing shares, the project is successfully realized by reality.

During 2018, there will be a constant creation of additional software and the work of the platform as a whole will be optimized. Therefore, there is no fears that malfunctions and unforeseen circumstances will prevent the development of the project.


AELF has a number of characteristics

  • The platform is autonomous and independently shares blockchains, so each of the bottom is isolated from the other;
  • All for the operation of the system are on cloud servers;
  • All important decisions on AELF are made by voting ordinary users;
  • The platform allows you to cope with a large number of problems and solve any issue;
  • High performance will read work using cloud technologies.
  • AELF course for 2017

    The AELF rate at the end of 2017 is $ 1.9177 USD and 107.863050085 RUB, and capitalization is $ 474 million. Thus, EFL takes 58 line in the ranking.

    There is no exact data, whether the cost of coins will increase, but experts give good forecasts. Therefore, by 2019, this platform will become one of the best in implementing projects with cryptocurrencies. According to recent studies, it’s time to buy ELF if you are planning long -term investments in altcoins.

    Advantages of AELF

  • solves most problems that arise when working with blockchain technology;
  • extensive experience of the project team in this area;
  • underestimation of market capitalization;
  • a long period of blocking tokens for the team, fund and advisers (2-3 years);
  • Application of smart marketing using AirDrop.
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