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Binance NFT has announced a partnership with Norwegian producer and DJ Alan Walker. The NFT Alan Walker Origins collection will feature three music videos from his album Origins, and token holders will be able to receive a portion of the revenue from streaming music videos on YouTube.

Best known for his hit single ‘Faded’, which went platinum in 17 countries, Alan Walker is back with a new project – a reissue of his album Origins, some of which will be available as collectible NFTs.

Each Alan Walker Origins NFT is a music video clip from one of Alan Walker’s three upcoming music videos, featuring the corresponding audio from the corresponding track. The NFT collection will be sold on the Binance NFT Marketplace at a fixed price of 10 BUSD for each digital item.

The collection features an interactive challenge where fans can take part in the Alan Walker Origins online game by finding all the pieces of clips in the form of NFTs and joining them together to form a complete music video.

NFT holders can receive a portion of the revenue from streaming music videos on YouTube by getting paid through Corite .

Binance NFT will release the Alan Walker Origins NFT collection as part of the Subscription Mechanism in accordance with BNB requirements, which will ensure a fair distribution of NFTs in the market. Each wallet will only be able to buy one NFT during the initial sale, but the number of trades on the secondary market will be unlimited.

The function of the Subscription Mechanism consists of four stages: Preparation, Subscription, Calculation and Distribution.

Phase 1: Preparation. Users must hold a minimum of 0.1 BNB per day on average to participate in the main NFT sale from July 15th to July 17th.

Phase 2: Subscription. Qualified users will receive one entry ticket. To enter the pool, where each activated ticket will “freeze” 10 BUSD in the participant’s spot wallet, you need to submit the received ticket by clicking [Sign Ticket]. The second phase will last from July 17 to 18.

Phase 3: Calculation. On July 18, the system will randomly select winning tickets from all signed tickets. A winning ticket will allow the user to purchase NFTs in the primary sale.

The final stage: Distribution. Winning tickets will be eligible for NFT during the public sale on July 18. Non-winners will receive a refund of BUSD 10 to their spot wallets.

After the distribution phase is over, the NFT can be listed on the Binance NFT secondary market.

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