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Due to the high demand in the crypto-assets market, there was a need to create a service that would help users quickly and securely link their fiat funds and digital assets. Such a universal ecosystem that allows such transactions is the cooperation of the Binance exchange and the GEO Pay service.

Together, these two platforms help users buy and sell cryptoassets quickly and with low fees.

💥 Binance and GEO Pay: What is it?

Binance combines the functions of an exchange, a blockchain network, a wallet, a mining pool, an information center, a learning resource and more.

GEO Pay is a convenient multi-currency service that combines p2p payments and financial transactions for depositing/withdrawing fiat funds and their subsequent exchange for crypto-assets or vice versa on partner exchanges.

With GEO Pay, you can top up your Binance account to trade funds in the crypto-asset market. GEO Pay will also help you withdraw funds from your Binance account to your own balance, and then, using more than 6 payment systems available in the middle of the GEO Pay service, it is possible to withdraw funds to a Ukrainian bank card.

Why should you choose GEO Pay for depositing and withdrawing funds from Binance ?

💎 Stable payment processing.
💎 No limits when working with partner exchanges.
💎 More than 6 payment systems for depositing/withdrawing funds via Visa/Mastercard (if the payment did not go through one payment system, you can always use another).
💎 Ability to transfer funds from one exchange to another without withdrawal to a bank card.
💎 Withdrawal limits to a bank card depend only on the limits of bank cards.
💎 Transactions between GEO Pay users 0%.

💸 How to fund Binance account via GEO Pay?

1. Register on the GEO Pay platform and undergo verification.
2. Top up your GEO Pay account from a bank card
3. Register on Binance.
4. In your Binance account, go to: Buy — Deposit by card.

5. Select “GEO Pay” as your payment method to deposit to Binance with Visa/Mastercard.

6. Choose a currency and click “Continue”.
7. After entering the top-up amount, click “Continue”.

8. You will be redirected to a third-party GEO Pay website.
9. Click Pay to confirm.
10. After the transaction, the amount will be credited to your Binance account.

In order to withdraw funds from Binance to a GEO Pay account, you must:

1. Find your GEO Pay ID in your personal account.

2. Select the GEO Pay withdrawal method on the Binance exchange and enter the amount.

3. After checking the correctness of the transaction details, click “Confirm”.
4. Funds will be transferred from your Binance account to your GEO Pay account shortly.

🥁 Commissions

Over the past few years, the GEO Pay payment service has become popular among users due to favorable commissions and official work with major crypto exchanges.

For example, when replenishing the Binance balance through GEO Pay, the fee will be only 1.5%. And when withdrawing funds, the commission is 0%.

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